Monday, June 27, 2011

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade: Ten Day Update

This photo shows a portion of a small tattoo, about three inches wide I have on my upper arm. 

I have been using the Wrecking Balm system on it as directed with the exception of the concealer for ten days. 

Keep in mind that this is a close up, but this is actually how it looks.  The first two letters are h and m, and I notice fading only on those letters so far, but that's a significant result because the company says it takes two months for the majority of tattoos to notice any fading and six months to fade most of the way. 

I feel like the most important thing in using this system is consistency.  I have continued to use it as directed, despite the pain and bleeding I initially experienced, which has since disappeared.  I also used the tool on Low setting the first week, but now I am up to the High setting with no discomfort. 

On the coloured tattoo I used this on, which I apologise I don't have a better photo, I was really freaked out because some of the green ink actually oozed out and bled into some of the other parts so it looks really gross and smeared.  Besides that, some of the black that is outlining parts of the green also faded, some yellow is faded too, and some pink faded almost all the way already.  I have a lot of purple, and it hasn't budged a bit though.  But right now both the tats look way, way worse than before, so I have to keep using this.  I have to use it until it won't do anything else. 

In between using the system, the skin feels hard and rough, patchy, like it has accumulated an extra very thin layer, and it gets whiteness over it- that's what I was attempting to show in the first photo. 

Some of the areas seriously look like the stuff is drawn on me with crayons, like I could just wash it off, like its all rubbed off, I am so sorry I don't know how else to explain it.  Ok, like the lines are not crisp anymore, that's a better description. 

I know it's doing something, but how far I can go with this, I have to keep using it to tell.  I still think there is absolutely no hope for the huge black ones I have, I mean I would probably be using this thing for the rest of my life. 


  1. Sounds like a great alternative to lasers and a lot less painful. Keep us posted

  2. Can you post an update? I'm really interested in your results.

  3. @Darren Unfortunately the thing fell apart, and I left the country before I could get a replacement. The "pad" thing totally came off when I wasnt even using it, it just sort of peeled off overnight. I kept using it before then and I did notice results, but they weren't very dramatic. No chance on the black unless its just a single line, then it became dark grey or a lighter grey. Purple, green, blue- not too good. It did work really well on red though, mine turned to pink and now you cant see it on my flesh.