Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boots no7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick Review

I was on a red lipstick craze, and picked out this lipstick in Smoulder.  I did not even know it was sheer until after I got it home.  It is a really nice product!

In the tube, it is really red!

But it is a sheer lip product.  The formula is so nice and rich, very much like lip balm.  It has no taste.  It has the same texture as a really nice moisturizing lip balm.  I really liked it.  It feels so buttery smooth on, not drying at all.  It is so conditioning, it's like lotion for your lips.  It's not creamy, but not greasy either.  I kept pressing my lips together just to feel the smoothness- I really liked it.  I liked it so much, that I picked up another one- this time I got Entice.  I really loved that one too; it has a little shimmer in the tube but does not apply shimmery at all.  What is funny, is that it has the same exact colour and texture as a lipstick I got many moons ago in Germany, I dont even remember what it was. 

Here are the swatches of both, Smoulder on the left, Entice on the right:

Although they are sheer, they still deposit some colour- Smoulder more noticeably so. 

Here is how Smoulder applied on my lips:

And here is my latest attempt at lip swatch photos:


Overall, I really enjoyed this product and I would recommend it, but it isn't a typical lipstick.  Rather, I would classify it as a tinted lip sheen.  The texture alone makes it worth trying, but if you're going for colour, I would recommend one of the darker shades.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lab Shine Lip Gloss Review

I love lip gloss, I really do.  Not too long ago, it was rare to see me wearing lipstick, though I would always have a lip gloss nearby.  I got this lip gloss in S26, a rosy pink.  The S stands for Star Collection, with a pearl finish, and it is a medium coverage lip gloss. 

Brush applicator:

The swatch:

The Lab Shine glosses come in Diamond, Star, and Metal versions.  Previously, I purchased ont of the Diamond glosses, and did not care for it at all.  This one does have a slight synthetic taste but that quickly fades after the first few minutes.  It is quite smooth, not sticky, and just slightly pigmented.  It also had a nice texture, which was a little thick but not too much.  It was also not drying at all, and my lips felt smooth while wearing it.  It lasted about 2 hours on me. 

It is not quite sheer, but this particular shade may appear on the sheerer side depending on the natural shade of your lips.  Here is how it turned out on mine:

Overall, this is a nice gloss and I like it.  It's just not spectacular.  I might purchase one from the Metal collection though.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Makeup Brush/Storage Organization System (BEFORE)

EDIT: I actually wrote this post a few months ago, but never published it for some reason.  I changed it up a little bit, so I am posting an "After" as well, but I thought it would be neat to share anyway!

SECOND EDIT: I am moving in a few weeks, and I can't fit all my stuff into any amount of suitcases.  Must reduce!!

I converted a mini desk into a makeup table, and I have on it only a mirror and brushes. 

I have several containers for the brushes.  Clear plastic for face, eyes, and one larger metal one in the back for larger face brushes as well.  The little glass cup is for used brushes, so I know which ones I have to wash.  I wash my eye brushes every day.  I usually clean my face ones with spray after each use and wash those every week. 

I love the clear plastic containers because they are a good height and, they are kitchen canisters but the lids that went on them sealed from the inside, so they dont have that 'lip' that most plastic containers have to fit the lid; these are smooth.  They are a heavy acrylic type.  Best of all they fit my brushes so I dont have to have a dozen cups sitting around. 

The metal container is a kitchen utensil organizer from the Michael Graves collection at Target.  I still had to put the colorfill beads in the bottom of it because of the height, but it works well for the larger brushes that take up a lot of space.

The desk also has a little pull out drawer:

This is super convenient so the top doesn't get all cluttered.  I have nail scissors, tweezers, and other stuff I use throughout the day like brow powder, eyeliner, and lip balm.  Some mini brushes are in there too, not because I use them but just because they're too small to fit anywhere else.  And surely my favourite products in rotation that week- paint pot, blush and lipstick. 

What?  No makeup?  Ha!  Yes, I have makeup!  There is just so much of it that it's hard to keep it in one place.  I have these nice drawers I really like them a lot, but unfortunately I have some overflow that sits in boxes too. 

Here are the drawers:

In the corner I have a little glass shelf too:

Inside the drawers I have organizers too:

Ha! I wish they still looked like that!  The photo was taken when I first started transferring my stuff into the drawers, but now the drawers are overfilled too and the organizers are actually two high now but I am going to clean up soon and get rid of what I don't use, which seems like a neverending task. 

Makeup Drawer Organization (AFTER: Work In Progress!)

A lot of people have asked me about organizing makeup.  I don't really have a lot of good tips, unfortunately, because I don't follow the trends when it comes to that.  I am just an average person, with an average amount of makeup.  I don't have any huge collection of products and I don't compare myself to anyone that does.  I do a lot of improvising and I try not to be wasteful.  I also have a toddler who will get into a lot of trouble if he has free reign in my room and everything is all spread out. 

I tried to reorganize my makeup using the new slim drawers I got a few days ago.  It took a lot of time and tossing but I was finally able to get rid of the larger orange drawers I had.  It has ten drawers, so I'm not going to show every drawer, but I organized it by product type.  I have mascaras, eyeliners, and eye primers in the little drawers on the shelf there.  I also put products I don't really use anymore, stored on the shelves in cases.  I live in a small community where everyone recycles everything, and we don't have a good furniture store, so if it doesn't fit in my car, generally I won't get it unless it's a piece of furniture for the house that I have to have delivered.  And forget about me building anything, I can't even put a nail in my wall. 

I also wanted to share some other neat finds I've acquired. 

I love this little caddy.  It is actually a kitchen utensil holder, but I found it very useful for large brushes, especially ones I hardly use anymore.  I had to fill the bottom of it with colorfill (the clear beads).

I love these little tubs!  So cute, with the heart design!  I had all my polishes in baskets in my hallway closet, but since I found these I was able to organize them by brand.  I like that they have lids so the tops don't get dusty. I was keeping all my polishes that had boxes still in the boxes so they wouldn't get dusty, but now I can fit them in there without the boxes.  I had these little tubs in a striped pattern until I found the heart pattern and I bought all the ones they had!  The only polish I can't fit very well in them is the Sephora brand.  I have few enough that I just put them in the middle, and I just quit buying that kind, not like I can't find similar shades.  These hold 15-20 bottles each depending on the brand, but I can fit 22-23 bottles of square polish in one.  No, I do not have eight tubs of Chanel and Dior, but I like what I have.  I don't mind having my polish in tubs and it is a lot better than my old system where they were all out.  I only need one polish at a time after all. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

NYX Eyeshadows: Kiwi and Exotic Green Review

I was recently gifted these around St. Patrick's Day.  I never owned NYX shadows before, so I had no expectations.  I got Kiwi and Exotic Green. 

The swatches:



I was happy with Kiwi.  The pigmentation was good, and the texture was nice- not too firm or soft, and it applied pretty smoothly.

I really hated Exotic green when I swatched it and used it for the first time.  Then I realised, it was not the shadows fault, it was mine.  When I used it the first time, I also used a matte white shadow- mistake.  They do not blend well together at all.  When I used Exotic Green alone, both with original UDPP and Sin, it looked great.  It does reflect quite green in the light, even though at first glance it appears black.  With this shade, I also have to build it up quite a bit to get the pigmentation it has in the pan.

These eyeshadows are not bad, but they are not spectacular either, so I do not think I would seek them out had I not received them as gifts. 

Here is a look I tried to do with the two:

Overall, I did like both of the shades, although not in the above look, and I don't think I have one like Exotic Green, so now I am glad I do.   

EOTD: Inglot Purple

I really love this eyeshadow!  It is so pigmented and just very pretty.  It is Inglot 494 DS.

I used MUFE Tres Vichy combo to highlight (pink- browbone, white- inner corner).

Mini Review:  I really love all of the MUFE eyeshadows and aqua creams that I have, so I was expecting to love these as well.  I have been looking for really nice, pigmented highlighting shades.  While these are ok, they are not exceptional by any means.  They are just not that pigmented and don't stay on all day.  Super cute packaging, but I would pass on those.

Here is my completed LOTD:

I am wearing Milani Lip Flash in 06 Flashy on my lips, which I will review at a later time.  Stay tuned!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

My New Bike!!!

Ok, ok so I am breaking the rules.... this is not a post about makeup!! 

I got this new bike today and I am super excited.  Spring has pretty much sprung where I live and my old bike got well let's say lost. 

Here she is:

I am so excited about this bike!  In case the photo isnt that clear, it is a mint green with pale yellow fenders and trim.  The seat and handlebars are brown, and look at those whitewall tires!!! I got it because my son is ready to ride with me and I got the Wee Ride to install in between my seat and the handlebars... this bike is perfect for that because it does have such a wide span already, so it wont really take any adjusting or feeling squeezed like the mountain style bikes.  I also love it because it is very heavy, and I need it to be stable while I put him in the seat.  It doesnt have any gears so it has speed control built right in.  I was so nervous without the handlebar brakes but getting used to that should be easy to do. 

Well, let me get busy installing my gear so we can get ready to ride!!!



Friday, March 11, 2011

Napoleon Perdis Tangerine Lip Gloss Review

I got this lip gloss as a gift but just now found it in a drawer.  Crazy!!

It has a short brush applicator:

It is pretty much clear when applied:

This gloss has really amazing texture!  I really like it.  It just glides on so super smooth, and my lips really feel moisturized for a long time.  It is very comparable to the Dior glosses but I think this one is a little thicker.  That's not to say it is heavy at all, though, because it is not.  It is very lighteight but it feels great, not sticky or anything, and really makes your lips feel smooth and even, does not settle into a single crease! 

I would totally recommend this lip gloss!  I also have strawberry and mango, and they look different in the tube but they applied exactly the same, and I love the taste of them too, it is so yummy!  Flavoured lip gloss?  Actually good and not for the tween set?  Yes!  Two thumbs up for me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Makeup Removal Routine: Neutrogena, Clarisonic and Philosophy

Aaaahhh, the end of the day.... time to take the makeup off! 

These are products that are absolute must-haves for me.

1.  The first thing I have to do- actually take the makeup off!  These Neutrogena towelettes are my absolute all time fave.  I have tried all brands of removers, both in liquid form and wipes, and these do not irritate my eyes, are very effective.  Although I do not use waterproof mascara, the package says they do remove it, and I can attest to the fact that they definitely remove regular mascara. 

I like the "night calming" ones the best (the purple package) but they can be a little more difficult for me to find, so I stock up on the original (blue) packs too.  

2.  Clarisonic Brush

I use this every day in the shower.  I have the "Plus" model, but I would definitely recommend any model.  This brush has really done wonders for me.  I was very sick for almost the entire duration of my pregnancy, and my skin suffered a great deal.  My entire forehead was covered with bumpy dead skin cells, and after using the Clarisonic for about a month, they were almost completely gone.  For this reason, I am really hesitant to wear foundation on my forehead, so I try not to, even though it may make my face look uneven at times.  I never really suffered from acne, although I have had monthly hormonal blemishes pop up, but my skin still feels clean. 

3.  Philosophy Purity Made Simple and Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

I really love Philosophy products.  I switched to them last year from Clinique.  I use all of their stuff- face moisturizer, hand and foot creams, and body wash.  I use Purity daily with my Clarisonic, and the Microdelivery once a week, sometimes twice.  They are both very gentle and effective, leaving my face feeling clean and smooth. 

I love Purity Made Simple because my skin is not naturally oily except in the t-zone area at times, and a lot of cleansers are harsh on my skin, leaving it feeling stripped.  I cannot use anything with glycolic acid at this time, so this product really is perfect for me.  However, it may not be enough for those with particularly oily skin. 

The Microdelivery exfoliant is not abrasive although you can feel the fine graininess, but still works very well.  I was surprised to see diatomaceous earth as one of the ingredients, as I had to use this in powder form to get rid of garden slugs!!

Last step is moisturize, I use Philosophy's Hope in a Jar at night and I use something lighter in the morning, like Bliss or Origins.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wet-n-Wild Lash Serum Update: Week One

I recently purchased the Wet-n-Wild Lash Growth Serum for $6.99 and I have been using it now as instructed for one week.  I really feel like it has given me results!  It did burn my eyes for the first couple of days though, a stinging that lasted 2 or 3 minutes, and this was at the p.m. use.  After the first two days though, it didn't do that.  Here is my update at one week:

There is nothing on my lashes here.  I am pretty sure I see more length, and some growth in between, making them fuller.  They feel different when I apply mascara too.  I only wonder if it is permanent, or if my lashes will go back to the way they were if I stop using it.  I really think it works, but maybe I am imagining it.  I would love to hear your comments!!  

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wet-n-Wild I'm Feeling Retro and I Dream of Greenie Trios

I did both of these eyes using only the trios, but I really think they would work better with other shadows.  These eyeshadows are soft, smooth, and easy to blend, but I think the Spoiled Brat had the best pigmentation out of the ones I have tried so far.  I Dream of Greenie, I didn't really like the result since I really wanted the bright green colour but I think the one marked "crease" kind of toned it down...

First is I'm Feeling Retro:

( I decided to go with the eyeliner)

Here is I Dream of Greenie:

Also to note, I did try to use the lime green cream shadow in the Revlon Electric Pop palette I reviewed, in between primer and the eyeshadow, but it was still horrible it just ruined that one eye so I had to redo the whole thing.