Monday, September 30, 2013

Surprise Mall Stuff

I am way too old for Claire's... In fact I don't remember shopping much there when I was young. But when I saw a display of polishes right in front, on sale no less, I had to stop. I didn't get much but I did get these:

I also got these- literally the only thing I could find suitable for me haha: 

I hope they don't look silly! 

On another note, I finally sold my apartment; it has been such a hard process I'm glad to get it over with.  I hope things start getting a bit better for my son and I, and maybe I'll have a little more free time, I have soooo much stuff I want to post about!! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliners: Pink Darling, Woody Green

I really like these eyeliners. There are about 40 shades though, so it's hard to choose! They have a few mattes, but these are shimmer. They are soft, but once they dry they don't budge.  I like to use Pink Darling like an highlighter, in the inner eye or bottom lashes.  I heard they have a lipstick called the same name, has anyone tried it??

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wishlist....or maybe not

I keep hesitating with this Urban Decay Face Case... Just because I have soooo much stuff already, a lot of it unused. But I really like that it has blush and a highlighter.

You know how sometimes you think of something since you can sleep anyway? Haha but that's me. So I thought of another useful palette- Inglot. I actually have the palette, shadows, and blush, I just need the highlighter. I didn't know they had highlighters for the Freedom palette, so they might be new.... It's a great way for me to reuse something I already have, plus I didn't like the lip color or much of the eyeshadows (already have too similar) in the UD palette anyway. I think its a nice way for me to save money (even though its a great deal!) but more importantly, not accumulate more stuff. Seriously I dont know how many more Urban Decay palettes I can take!

The UD is supposed to be good for travel, but I travel a lot, I mean too much really, so I know that I'd never take just one palette with me anyway. Plus there's mascara, foundation, brushes, primers and all that jazz.

What do you guys think....

Models Own Polishes: Sunset Chillout, Grape Juice

I forgot I had these until now... I never even used them. I just found a box of polishes still packed!! Sunset Chillout is mixed glitter from the Hedkandi collection, and Grape Juice is scented; the brand brought out a few scented pastels I think last year.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Eyeliner: Poison Red

I am so excited to write about this eyeliner! First off, I know this shade isn't for everyone. It is called Poison Red, #13. They make 20 colors total, so there is a huge selection. I personally love red eye makeup but its so rare, especially anything that performs well.

This is a waterproof eyeliner, but its stiffer than most waterproof pencils- the really soft ones that have to set. It's not nearly as hard as a traditional pencil though. I find the texture perfect- it's so much easier for me and as you can see in the photo below, I can use it everywhere on my eye, which isn't the case with softer pencils.

It absolutely is waterproof (and watery eyes resistant, thanks allergies!) and stayed on until I removed it, usually about ten hours. I also bought a burgundy one (misplaced it!) but they have a ton of colors for around $5-6 so I'd highly recommend checking them out!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Missha "4d" Mascara Review

I like Missha BB Creams, and the brushes I bought weren't bad, so I wanted to give their mascara a try.

The product is really dry, so right away I knew it would be different than what I normally use.  

Here are my results: 

Unfortunately, this mascara did absolutely nothing for me.  Just darkened the lashes.  No length, no volume, no curl.  However, I don't know if it's supposed to do any of that, since nothing is indicated on the tube.  It was really lightweight, so if you're one who prefers a natural look, this might work.  For me, I would have to pass. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bundle Monster Plates Available Now

I pressed that button as soon as I could, for $16.50 they're a steal!!

Honestly though, I still don't love these, some look copied from other brands unfortunately. Plus I'm kind of moving away from nail things anyway now. I'm on some new vitamins, which will hopefully help my nails, but honestly I'm really burned out with nail stuff at the moment and getting back into makeup more.

I really like these Messy Mansion plates a lot more:

 I know I don't need any of them but I also know I'm going to order them all anyway lol!!! 

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks: Vivid Rose, Shocking Coral, Vibrant Mandarin

I haven't tried Maybelline lipsticks in a long time, but these shades are too awesome to resist! I got Vivid Rose, Shocking Coral, and Vibrant Mandarin. I've done the swatches and photos the best I can, but these are really bright. The first time I wore Vivid Rose my son asked me "Why are your lips BURNED??!?" Hysterical!!!



I think my arm swatches are the most accurate; I really couldn't capture how bright these are with lip swatches.

Vivid Rose 
Shocking Coral 
Vibrant Mandarin

This lipstick is one of my new favourites and I plan on getting some of the other more neutral shades in the formula.  It's creamy, almost balmy, but it's super saturated, even leaving a really good stain. I would have liked to use a lipliner underneath, but I dont have a clear one yet.    

First Look: Koyudo Brushes

I just got these Koyudo (Japanese) brushes. If you want to get for Christmas, order now cause it took mine well over a month, but hopefully they're worth it. These are the fu-pa brushes which are hand made to order, thats the reason for the time. Once I got the shipping notice I got them I think it was less than two weeks. I actually ordered more but there was an issue with how to do the payment so my orders got split. If you do order with a credit/debit card, they don't deduct it until they ship, and with Paypal they deduct immediately. The website, super easy to order from, is they list all the measurements and type of hair for each brush, and they do have kolinsky eye brushes on there. They also have a 'frequent shopper' program that offers significant discounts in the form of points, you can use on your next order.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Generic Makeup Sponge: My Experience

I think there are way too many makeup sponges out there, and it can be difficult to know just what you're buying. I do own the branded Beautyblender, and although I like it, I prefer brushes as the sponge has a few issues I dont like, and even I think it is overpriced.

I didn't buy this to replace the Beautyblender, but I was curious how it would work for such a cheap price. In this instance, I'm glad it was cheap cause it just didnt work for me at all.

The first thing is, it doesn't expand. At all. There wasn't any paper to tell me, but there has to be latex in it, it's so dense, like a rubber ball a kid or pet plays with.

This is dry:

This is wet: 

Comparing both when wet: 

And in my hand:

Besides that, it absorbs way too much product and it doesn't get clean.  I can't speak for other types of sponges, but I would definitely avoid this one!  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara Review

This is Rimmel Glam'eyes Day 2 Night; it's another mascara with two wands.

I don't have the best lighting presently, I wish I did cause I have lots of color products to post about- but mascara is black, so that's easier at the moment.

This is the Length brush:
The Volume brush:

The volume brush holds a lot more product, and it's a bit thicker in the middle.  The length brush is a little longer.  

I've used so many Rimmel mascaras by now, and I think a lot of them are the same, just with different brushes.  I'm not amazed by this mascara, but it does what it says it will, so I'm ok with it.  I continue to use their mascaras since they're not irritating, and they don't flake.  

My results.  First, with just Length: 

Just Volume: 

Length + Volume:

Now, here's another tidbit.  I really think I have more lashes on my right eye (top and bottom photos); I don't know if that's weird or not, or else maybe I can't apply as well on my left eye.  But I've looked at my bare lashes and they seem fuller on my right eye.  Ok, anyway back to the mascara.... it's fine.  I'm a person who needs mascara everyday, so this one is good.  I like the lengthening brush for my bottom and corner lashes, and I think using the length one then the volume one is convenient and gives a good result.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gift Card: Hmmm.....

So I got a gift card to the drugstore and I have no idea what to get. I don't usually give or get gift cards myself, so its almost stressing me, i just want to use it and be on with it. I went and they have most brands: Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon, Loreal, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, etc. I think they only didnt have Milani, Nyx or Wet-n-Wild. I looked or a long time, and honestly didnt see a single thing I wanted to get but to be fair I do shop quite a bit for necessities so if I see something in the cosmetic aisle I just buy it.

Any recommendations??? Maybe I should just get hair stuff lol!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mini Haul: Halloween Polishes

I don't what is wrong with me, why polishes are soooo hard to resist. I did get these for a purpose though- Halloween colors! These are Konad stamping Psyche Green, Essence Flashy Pumpkin, Rimmel Black Out and Pompous (I swear I've had that one before), and Essence That's what I Mint- not Halloween but so pretty!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation

I was looking for a foundation to try, to even out my skin tone more than BB creams do.  I have some hyperpigmentation skin issues but hasn't reached my face (*yet), I think foundation gives my face a smoother look overall.  I personally wouldn't be able to stand foundation on my face for 25 hours, so I didn't actually try to see if it lived up to that claim.

I got it in shade 100.

It is one of the heaviest coverage foundations I've ever used.  It's easy to blend, but once it blends in and sets, it doesn't move.  I thought I had on too much the first couple of times, but water doesn't help remove this at all; I had to use makeup remover and start all over.  

Here is how it looks on my face.  When I use foundation, I always use a primer underneath, but it doesn't alter the finish.  I really love how this isn't matte or flat, and it didn't dry my face out, make it greasy, or cause any breakouts either.

I didn't think I'd go back to regular foundation use, but this one is such a winner that I've changed my mind!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Barry M Polishes: Racing Green, Vivid Purple

Some quick swatches, I bought these a few months ago but it was too summery to wear them yet.

Essence: Wishlist Polishes

I'm not sure when these hit the shelves....but I want them! Has anyone seen an Essence Sand polish yet?? And they've completely got me with the "color of the year" shade!!!!!