Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Boots, you say?  Summer has barely started here!

Well.... if I dont start my winter shopping now, I will never get it done.  Plus, I just finished unpacking and realised.... I did not bring any boots!

I always have a few pairs, but two are must-haves for me: a tall, black pair, and a functional pair because we get 4 feet of snow at times!

These were screaming at me right away:

I mean, CUTE!!  These I can wear anytime though.

These are the tall boots up for consideration:

#1.  But let's be realistic:  I have an extremely active toddler to tote around, so how much use would these get?  Plus, I would never hear the end of it if I show up somewhere in these boots. 

#2.  They look sturdy, practical, comfortable, and cute.  They're just, well, flat.  

#3.  I like these a lot, but they look like just about every black boot I've ever owned.  But, I really like them.  Stylish, nice.  

#4.  Like these a lot too, I've owned a lot of riding boots in my life, so I know they are comfortable.  Cute, not so flat, although hmmm... the rounded toe. 

#5.  Well, I had to throw these in, they are so cute!  I think they similar in style to #1.  Plus, I do have two pairs of shorter cowboy boots.  But, I love the slouch, the criss-cross buckle, and the high to low tops. 

Sooo, I have to choose between #1 and #5, and also between #2, #3, and #4.  I am trying to curb my accumulation of stuff!!!

I LOVE winter!!  Reminds me of so many things I love, and I love that it comes back every year! 

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  1. I love flat boots so #2 is the winner for me.

    I always get such bad footache (?) when I ear heels - awful!

    I do like the look of those boots and of course, they way more feminine than flat ones but unfortunately I can't wear 'em *cry*