Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tweezerman Tweezers: A Treasured Tool

Say the title three times fast!  Lol. 

I have used Tweezermans for as long as I can remember, and really, no other tweezer compares, in my opinion. 

I have thin, blond brows, so these are just amazing for getting those strays or stubborns, the first time, every time.  They dont tug or pull, and they have never left me with redness. 

Alas, I have done it again: this is the third pair I have lost in just a few months.  It is sooo frustrating!  But this time, I knew I was going to lose them.  I just recently moved, and I was in between houses for over a week, so I tried to keep them in a toiletry bag, but I can't find them now.  I was so desperate I tried to use the tweezers on the end of my Swiss Army knife!!!

I know I bought an extra 'gift set' I put in a suitcase, a really nice pink polka dot pair with a case and a mirror, so I know they are there if and when I unpack, but still. Where are you purple tweezers???  Did I leave you somewhere? 

I have used other tweezers they have in the stores, but they don't work.  I've used many, all to no avail.  I've gotten supposedly for brow ones, I think they were Sally Hansen brand around $12 or so, and I had to try to pull on the same tiny hair about 20 times before giving up in frustration. I have also used Sephora Professional brand tweezers, and they did work ok, just not quite as good at the grabbing. 

I am very curious about the Tweezerman Minis, and this time around, I think I am going to order both.


  1. I've only ever had one pair of tweezers ever, and they are Tweezerman. I love, love love them. My brows are the same (v. thin and light) and these are the only ones that can get the small hairs.

  2. I love my tweezerman tweezers! The trick to getting a perfect pair of tweezers IMO is to get slanted ones and keep them very sharp. I've had the same pair for... 5 years? To sharpen them, you just "tweeze" a nail file, put the file in it, and drag it up. repeat on both sides if you don't have a double sided file. works really good! oh, and I LOVE your background :]

  3. I need me a good pair of tweezers, i'll have to try these