Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inglot Swatches! New Mattes: 338, 385, 345, 320, 377

Ahhh... much better!  Thank you, sunshine!!

The purple one is 320, NOT 327. Ooops!

These are dreamy, although I think I may have 320- if not, definitely something similar.

Absolute fave: 345!!  I have been looking for a mint matte pressed eyeshadow for years, no kidding!  I've found close shades in loose shadows, but never pressed.  Too blue, too green, too dark, too light, too glittery- oh this is love!  I did have to build it up, but it's not uncommon to do that with lighter shades. I think if I use Eden primer (I used Original) I might be able to get a better result. 

I just couldn't wait to use it, so here is a quick look I tried, I had to use Q-tips since I haven't unpacked my brushes, and there is no mascara- so this is a work in progress:

Oh sorry, I have had some hay fever recently also, so ignore the redness lol. 

I will try this again in the future, I think it has potential!  Here I used 385, 345, 320, and something out of an Urban Decay palette I had laying around. The lipstick is Covergirl Soulmate.


  1. Gorgeous colors lady. I feel so out of the loop as I don't have any Inglot shadows myself but I must purchase some soon!


  2. So so beautiful - love all these shades, but I think 345 is my faveourite - such a pretty pastel.


  3. Pretty colors!!! I also feel out of the loop since I don't have any Inglot myself yet... Thanks for the swatches, will help for a future order!!!

  4. I love all of these!! Thanks for posting these, they really help me prepare an order! lol

  5. Wow, your make up looks great!!! So pretty!
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  6. Those colors are beautiful! I can't choose one. I love them all. =) Great blog. New follower. Hope you follow back


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  7. Great swatches! 345 was the first one to catch my eye! Love it!