Sunday, June 12, 2011

Non-Made-Up Face Days

Recently, I havent worn any or very little makeup, due to moving and also, it's been 95 degrees here some days!  Melting makeup does not look good, trust me, and I never had a chance to find or unpack any setting spray (still love you, Skindinavia!), which I like to use especially with sunscreen, which I use all day every day.  Sometimes I've worn eyeliner and that's it, or maybe a little shadow but nothing too noticeable. I always, always do my brows though- although they havent been doen by a professional since April.  I haven't worn mascara in so long I may have forgotten how to!

I always used to get comments from people I know that I look younger without makeup, which is so strange to me!  Until I saw photos of celebrities.... some of them look much younger without makeup too, especially the women under 30. 

I try not to wear face makeup, and although I also haven't used my Clarisonic during the move, I still don't have any breakouts. 
Yesterday, I finally wore eyeshadow and liner- I did hot pink, light and dark silver, with dark grey in the crease.  Sorry I keep forgetting to take pics!  And I think I put the wrong kind of bulbs in my lighting because they are really, really hot- I can't stand in front of them for more than a couple of minutes. 

Anyway.... do you think you look younger or older without makeup??

I almost always wear glasses when I don't wear makeup so I dont feel too naked!  And a WARNING: The photo you are about to see is rated U for Ugly, so if this bothers you, please... look away from your screen now!!

Actually, I think it may be the dark eyes that make me look older- smokey eyes were never really my thing anyway though. 


  1. Nonsense, not an ugly picture at all. A nice fresh face and you look younger without makeup too.

  2. that’s not an ugly photo at all! i don’t think you look younger or older either way. hope all is well with the move!

  3. I agree with others - you're not ugly! You look great! Your skin's so clear and you really do look young and fresh without make up (same cannot be said about me - spotty, red skin etc)


  4. Man, if that's bad skin (no-makeup) I'll take it! I wouldn't even dare to take a picture sans makeup due to all my blemishing so kudos to you for being so open.

    I think you look younger with makeup in this particular shot but I think it has more to do with the playful/youthful lip color and pink under the eyes. But not by much, I keep going back and forth and I can't really settle so I'd say you just look different, not better or worse or older or younger, just different.

    Best of luck with your move!

    Meredith Jessica

  5. you have gorgeous skin, you def look younger without! And ugly is definitely what you aren't!!