Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dove Deodorants: Visibly Smooth and Smooth Cashmere

I am running really low on my usual deodorant, Cashmere Mist.  I can only order it online, and that takes at least 5 days.  I thought it was practical to take the suggestions for inexpensive deodorants, so I headed to Walmart.  I was completely overwhelmed when I reached the deodorant aisle- an entire AISLE OF DEODORANT!!!!  Omg I almost walked away.  I've never been in a deodorant aisle in my life just in case you couldn't tell.  Then I saw, oh, ok, half of it is mens- this might not be so bad.  It was really crowded there, and I am taller than a lot of people so I chose some strictly because they were on the top shelf.  Believe me I had no intentions of being in a crowded Walmart trying to look for a new deodorant!

I chose these two Dove products:

I really didn't see anything that said 48 hours deodorant, although I did see some that said 24.  I thought "Clinical Protection" sounded promising.  Then I spotted Smooth Cashmere a little bit away- fabulous, something cashmere, I thought. 

The Visibly Smooth one makes the following claims:

I don't know about you, but the only thing I do to make my underarm hair "look and feel less noticeable" is to shave it.  I shave under my arms every other day, whether there is a microscopic growth or not, I don't care. I have been doing that forever, so it's a habit for me by now.  I don't have underarm "stubble" at all, but I don't think any hair I have grows particularly fast anyway. 

This deodorant comes in a dial-up form, which I am showing here only because I am not that familiar with it, so I thought maybe there is someone like me that could use the information.

Initially, I was interested in trying the product to see if the claims proved to be true, but 1.  how am I going to take a picture of my own underarm, and 2.  I can't stand the smell of this product.  It literally makes me want to gag.  It says "Wild Rose" which should have given me some indication, but I like rose scents... this is not any rose scent I've ever smelled.  It's highly perfumed and in an unnatural way.  I really hate it. I thought the smell would dissipate over the day, but it didn't.  I would rather go au naturel then wear this.  Too bad I couldn't smell it before I bought it, but the box was sealed. 

On a positive note, this deodorant does apply dry on my skin and it goes on clear. 

The other one I chose is a solid deodorant called Smooth Cashmere.  Sounded promising to me... it isn't.  It doesn't smell that bad, but comparing it to Cashmere Mist is out of the question.  Cashmere Mist smells like buttercream frosting compared to this one.  Well, its more powdery might be a better description.  The Dove Smooth Cashmere is floral too, although more subtle than the other one. 

I tested these at the same time, one under each of my arms, and they were effective deodorants, but I am not using them again.  I would rather scrape the remaining product I have out of the container and apply it with my fingers if I have to.  


  1. That VisiblySmooth looks funky :P Haven't seen it in any shops in the UK!

    I love Dove's GoFresh deos - the green tea+cucumber one is my fave.


  2. ohh nice, but cucumber I dont have a fondness for. but any fruit would have been better than these. maybe tomato lol. j/k! I think I am going to throw my Neutrogena wipes away b/c they must have started using cucumber in them.