Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Hate These!

Ok, so I am now using my blog as an outlet... I know it's not acceptable to 'hate' but I don't mean it literally, these things are annoying!!

I personally feel this rant is justified.

"These" are what I am annoyed with right now:

No, not marshmallows...

Cotton Balls!!

I am so frustrated, because of moving, I seem to have a million pairs of boots but basic things I need everyday are nowhere to be found and it feels like I am going to the store four times a day. 

So, I want to remove my nail polish.  Remover- got it.  What am I supposed to remove it with?  I can't find square cotton pads anywhere around here, so I have to resort to these silly little fluffy things. 

Not good for what I need to do.  First of all, the remover gets absorbed into the fibers so quickly, and I need the remover on my nails, not on this fluff.  Then I am so paranoid that the fibers will get onto my nails I try to be as careful as possible.  I end up using seven of these just to do what I normally do with two or three cotton squares!

So, cotton balls, while you may have a place in my medicine cabinet, you are no longer being used on my nails. 

Cotton squares, if I find you, I will buy you.  If not, then I will order you!


  1. im so sorry hun. i hate those things too!!! here in manila, they come in cheap but i'd rather buy the [more] expensive kind that stick with those fuzzy linty balls. ugh!

    anyways. thanks for always making me feel special. i hope we continue to be blog buddies!!!

  2. oo i used to love those :-s hehe. but not on my nails. have you tried looking for those nail polish remover pots that you stick your fingers in. i’ve forgotten the name, but sally hansen does one, i love that and I have been using mine for ages!

  3. Haha yeah, I don't like those anymore. I love the cotton pads instead.