Saturday, June 25, 2011

LOTD: Tokidoki Neutral

..... And I'm back with the eyeliner!  It's not so hard as I thought, and I think I might be ready to try something other than black. 

I am kind of on a self-imposed Inglot ban- aka trying to use something other than Inglot, and I only used the Tokidoki Sodashop palette and one Dior shadow in the inner corner for this look.... and surprisingly, I didn't have issues with either.  They only started to show wear after about 8 hours, so that's ok by me!

Oh and the lip gloss is the most recent Lady Gaga one, the tannish nude.  


  1. Very pretty girl!

  2. i really like the liner and the eyeshadow colours are beautiful too x

  3. This is a really pretty look on you! Love the color of your eyes!

  4. I really like your eyeliner here! & the eyeshadow colours are so pretty :)