Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dior Cleansing Gelee Makeup Remover

Cleansers are almost always impossible to work universally.  What may be effective or fantastic to some, may be total crap to others, or worse, bad reactions may occur. 

This is a cleanser I have used now and again over the years.  I've always purchased it from Dior.

It is a milky, thin formula.  I like it for removing makeup from my face only, not my eyes or lips because frankly, it does not work for that from my experience.  So I only use it occasionally, because I don't wear products on my face daily.  I use it before I actually clean my face, just to remove makeup.  It is a gentle formula, and I really like that it leaves my skin smooth and soft, so it isn't a deep clean by any means.  It does leave a lotiony feeling on my face afterwards.  Since I am used to having no products on my face, I don't like the harsh feeling that some cleansers provide.  If I used a lot of  face makeup, I would prefer a more scrubby type cleaner.  Whenever I've done makeup for an event, I use Neutrogena followed by Caudalie. 

It does work ok for eye makeup, but I always experienced a leftover residue, so I never used it for that.  


  1. OMG i luv luv luv this one~~`it is one of my favorite make up removing agent that has a creamy finish~~~and the scent is soooooo nice~~~i luv luv luv it~~~~~