Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is your favourite deodorant?

Does anyone have any deodorant recommendations??  I have been using Cashmere Mist for yeeears, but I am almost out and was thinking about trying something new.  I hesitate because I love the effectiveness and scent, and I really only like solids. 

And of course, Sephora has no less than 70 matches when I type in 'deodorant'!!

Which reminds me... do I really want to place an order for just one item???

Dear Readers, please tell me your favourite deodorant!


  1. Honestly, I just get the Lady Speed Stick in the Shower Fresh smell from Walgreens >.< I love how it smells!

  2. I simply use the drugstore deos.. Dove, Sure, Garnier.. They do the job :-P (esp the ones designed for 48h wear.. Even though I obvs do not wear them for 48hrs!)