Thursday, June 23, 2011

A LOTD With Mascara!

I haven't been using any mascara in probably a month... haven't really missed it until I see what I look like with it, it makes a big difference in my opinion, mostly because my lashes are not black.  I used Maybelline Falsies.  It was a brand new package but for some reason didnt leave my lashes as crunchy as when I used it before, so I had absolutely no problem removing it, which was my main reason for not wearing it recently. 

Before I started moving, I was practising my eyeliner, so finding one and continuing to practise is going to be my next challenge.


Oh and here's the other products I used:  Laguna bronzer, clear lip gloss, and the eyeshadow... oh, the eyeshadow.  I was trying to use something other than Inglot, so I had the Tarina Tarantino Floriculture palette laying out, used that... but the darker shade was so bad I couldnt hardly get any colour out of it.  The beige was fine though. 

I knew I wanted lighter purple too but the one out of the palette didnt really do anything either, so I had to use Inglot anyway.... so I will just have to compare every eyeshadow to Inglot now, and I can't see myself really getting much use out of anything but Inglot on my eyes, besides a couple of MAC pigments, some other glitter shadows, and maybe Dior for highlighters.  I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with Magenta Madness or 3D silver lol.  But if I never had Inglot, I wouldn't really be able to complain as much about these other products though!! 


  1. Girl, you all make me want to order some inglot. I'm trying to save up some money to order, but i keep shopping instead LOL. I have a list of likst 40 that I want, just got to narrow the list down to 10 maybe... Anyways I found that I compare a lot of shadows to my MAC, and get upset when they aren't as good...

  2. You look stunning here, love the look x

  3. Very pretty girlie!