Thursday, June 30, 2011

Broken Hearted Purple Rain...

Wow, I cannot believe that I wore Rose Confidentiele for 6 days, that's like a record!!

I wanted purple, so I went with this:

Beautiful, but too vampy and dark for right now- it's almost black on my nails in certain angles! 

So I went for Broken Hearted Crackle on top. 

When I first used the China Glaze Crackle line, I didn't like them because they were thick and didn't crack as well as OPI, but this combination seemed to work really well, I'm glad I kept it around.  But it's defnitely about time for some polish hauls!!

I'm still trying to get decent pics of my nails, but I tried:

By the way, has NARS changed their polish caps yet???  Last time I bought any was with the Mash, King Kong etc. remakes. If not, please hear me NARS:  It's enough with the sqaure caps already!!!  Use them as a cover like everybody else, I can't take it anymore!! 

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