Wednesday, June 22, 2011

List of Untried Products

Sooo... here is my photoless post, due to the problem I had earlier.  I have a lot of products I haven't used yet, so I am going to try them all as soon as I can.  So here is what I have so far:

Urban Decay:

     Quiver lip gloss
     Score, Quickie blushes
     Gash eyeshadow

Too Faced:

     Avant Garde blush
     Pixie Pin-Ups palette
     Cocoa Comet eyeshadow

     Perfectly Lit Luminous powder
     Star Studded eyeshadow trio
     Flaunt matte blush

     Green Design palette
     Extase Pinks palette
     Minaudiere palette
     Dentelle Coquette palette
     various Holiday kits

Skindinavia Bridal finishing spray

MUFE Face primer

NYX Bronze Goddess Box

Hourglass Suede eyeshadow duo

Sleek Original palette

MAC Blackground paint pot

Various Wet n Wild eyeshadows

Kat von D Truth palette

Some notations here:  I don't care for the Too Faced brand at all, I never had a good experience with any of their products.  Wet n Wild shadows are fine and all, but I am over them already- the packaging is so bad and they don't travel well at all.  Urban Decay pissed me off too many times so I really don't care about anything they have besides eye primer.  Lorac, I just didn't like a lot of their products either, especially considering they are as expensive as much better ones.  Dior, is kind of a special case for me because they were my first big campaign in Europe so many years ago, so I will always love them.  Whenever I get gifts, everyone knows, if it is Dior, I will love it.  Not just makeup but clothes, shoes, glasses, bags, anything.  I have two of the Minaudieres, as well as many other products, and I don't have any intention of ever opening one because I think it must be the prettiest makeup I have ever seen. 

If anyone's tried any of these, please comment, might save me from them lol...

On other notes, I am 99% sure I am going to break my strike against Chanel polishes.... I might cave for Peridot...

So there you have it- my boring photoless post. 

Hope everyone is having a great day!!


  1. Wow!! :] That's a TON of makeup! You are so lucky! Have fun! :] Love your blog! :]

  2. Lordy, why did you make me look up Peridot! Wow!! (still think it's out of my budget thought! lol, will hope someone makes a dupe!)

  3. whoa, so many unused items! I try to use what I buy when I buy them haha

  4. @ohyouprettythings thanks, yours too!
    @Angie Oh sorry! But I know right!
    @Ashii I am going to do that from now on!