Friday, December 20, 2013

Drum Roll, Please....

As requested, here is my complete inventory!  Besides what I've purchased in the past week- only a Maybelline stick foundation, Naked palette (got it broken so I'm in the process of returning it or something), and a L'Oreal highlighter pen, I think!

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First up is products I only have a few of- in the case of mascaras, because they go bad so quickly. Everything else, because I like them a lot, no need trying to find anything different.


Lip Palettes 

Brow Products 

Eye Primers 

Face Primer 



Next, the face products: 


Round jars:
Cream Eyeshadows/Gel liners 

Lip products: 

Eye products: 



Infallibles (yes there is one empty spot- I gave up!)

Old palettes 

Here is my Inglot stuff, which I usually keep separate since I actually use it the most, and I have to keep it all together for traveling: 

Oh, and Meteorites! 

This is a weird story here... but I had all these MUA products still in a box (and it's a lot of stuff!) because I was going to mail it back to them, seriously, they disgusted me so badly.  Obviously I gave up on that plan but I still haven't used any of this stuff and I'll have to really consider if I will or not.

This is a duffel bag, filled with old products that I'm "saving" (for what, I don't know)... let's see if I can open it.  

Some of the contents- I don't even have space to open these now

And um... all this stuff is for nails... polish, plates, gel supplies and various accessories- just too much stuff, really: 

This bag is my "trash but not trash"- things I don't want anymore but not because they're not good- just wrong colour for me, don't use, etc. 

I forgot about these last bits- a couple of Nars blushes and some single eyeshadows.... and now that my blog is done, I can say this without caring much about the consequences.... but Burberry Trench is one of the most overrated eyeshadows ever!!! I might just throw it out it upsets me so much...

That's about it!!  A big thank you to everyone that has ever visited me here.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year, a thriving blog if that's your thing, and a happy life in general.  



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Five of My Favorite Products

These aren't my favorites from only 2013, but in general. I haven't included every category but just a few I can think of. In some cases (mascara, foundation, nail polish, etc.), I don't have favorites. In many of the others, I've chosen good performers that I use as a reference when measuring other products.

1. Eyeshadow: Inglot. Just simply can't go wrong with these- every color and finish, and never have I had to question the pigmentation. My runners up are Dior and Urban Decay. Dior is sometimes lacking in pigmentation, but I love their soft texture and smooth finish. Urban Decay- I've had enough of their glittery crap already, but the non glittery ones are really awesome. Oh but I can't forget Sleek palettes- they're definitely in my favorites too, at least honorable mention!

2. Lipstick: this is tough, but I'd have to say MAC. I've branched out and not every lipstick I own is MAC anymore, but they make some very good lipsticks and many are just so classic. I love the vanilla too. Runner-up: I think Rimmel is great- really good pigmentation in a variety of finishes.

3. Powder- loose and pressed: Diorskin nude. I've been using both for over ten years, and nothing gives me a prettier finish (especially the loose powder), so I haven't even bothered trying many others.

4. Blush: Sleek. I'm not a big blush person, but these are great. Excellent pigmentation, sturdy packaging, lot of product for a small price. At one point I think I had almost every shade.

5. Brushes: Hakuhodo. I've tried not to stick with them, but but after trying almost every other brand available outside of Asia, they really do stand out. Not only for softness, but performance and brush quality- they're just superior. Runner up- MAC. Not every brush is great, but they're highly functional and durable.