Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Face Primer

I wasn't really interested in this product, but it came in a set of other items I purchased. 

It is very thin and lotiony, and has a detectable scent. 

Unlike the Vitamin E one, this did not feel moisturising on my face.  It felt very light and not sticky, but once it was on, it didn't make my skin feel smooth or soft.

As far as antiageing properties, I really cannot attest to that.  I dont buy any antiageing products and how would I be able to tell on my face because I only used it a few times.  I think a lot of antiageing products are just marketing fads because it seems to me that serums and lotions and exfoliants would be the way to go for antiageing, not face primers, but I may be mistaken.  I can see if you are already on an antiageing regimen how it would be helpful to maintain that in every product.  But my point is, I don't feel it firming my face when I wore it or anything like that.  It says wrinkle-filling, so this product is most likely not for me anyway, as I dont have any wrinkles on my face that I know of. 

My main complaint about this product is that it does NOT work.  I do not have oily skin, but I feel like it made the foundation more oily and harder to apply- like it was creating an uneven surface. 

I put on foundation and powder for the express purpose of reviewing this primer, and it was no longer on my face when I went to remove my makeup, only three hours later, while indoors the entire time.  I used a white cloth- there was not a trace of face makeup remaining.  I feel like this product actually contributed to the makeup rubbing off because even without a primer I would still have at least some, if not all, remaining after that amount of time. 

Overall, I would not personally recommend this product, but I believe it was intended for a different demographic. 

Don't worry, Korres, I wont hold this against your butters or shower gels!!


  1. sorry this product didnt work out for you~~~~im not a big fan of korres~~~i mean i bought their skincare b4, and it wasnt effective....so after that i just stopped buying from them...


  2. hey~~~ya i did get the make up forever duo eyeshadow and the falsies too
    ~~~but i havent used them yet...lol i feel like im hoarding~~~~but i think im gonna use it for a look soon~~~i think i did a haul post on them
    here is the link if you wanna see some watches and all



  3. OMG you lost them??? thats soo sad~~~cuz they are sooo cute~~~~well Im not sure what kinda look id do with those....i mean other than a simple pink/white shimmery everyday look...i still have to think of the perfect look b4 i post it up~~~


  4. I know, I must have lost ALL my lashes, cause I dont find them anywhere here!! I put green in when I did mine ;)