Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Makeup Inventory: Eyeliners

Soooo, due to having accumulated so many products, I decided to inventory everything!  This post is kind of for my personal reference, documenting these items makes it so much easier to toss old things or what I don't use. 

The first category is eyeliners, because I don't have very many and they were already all together in one drawer. 

I have 20 eyeliners!!  And I really only use 4 or 5. 

These are:  Milani Liquif'eye (x2), Nars Palladium, Dior (x2), MAC Slick Black and Greengrease paint sticks, Tokidoki black and purple felt pens, Urban Decay Catfight glitter liner, Tarte, Jemma Kidd liquid liners in purple, teal, and green, no7 and Sonia Kashuk liquid liners, NYX Milk, Prestige white liquid, Maybelline blue and black gels, MAC Blacktrack, and Pixi gel. 

EDIT: I have thrown away SIX eyeliners!!  Yay!


  1. i have tokidoki in black felt pen too~~~i like it, but its not my favorite~~~and dont worry this isnt that much~~~i am way worse than you~~~the hubby calls me make up hoarder...


  2. where do you buy your milani? i heard they have really good black eyeliner but i don't know where to buy it.

  3. @Meredith Jessica I really forgot!! It was a drugstore for sure, like maybe CVS???? I was in a different city when I got it, so I got two, and they are the only thing I use on my waterline now.
    @Jessy Ohhhh this is just the tip of the iceberg, I am afraid... I just counted 38 lip glosses, 43 lipsticks, oh no the list goes on and on...

  4. I LOVE LOVE milani's liquif'eye! such a great eyeliner.