Monday, June 20, 2011

the Balm Batter Up Cream Eyeshadow: Base Hit Kit

My affair with cream eyeshadows continues.... as I found this in a box, seemingly forgotten...

It has a soft texture.  Here is the swatch:

It is a light gold, and applies exactly how it swatches on my lids.  It is described as a "creaseless cream shadow".  I was concerned with the softness, I thought.... just another disappointing, greasy, creasy mess.  I haven't been too impressed with cream shadows in the past, if you couldn't tell. 

I was surprisingly wrong!!  This cream shadow is fantastic!  It lasted the entire day- about 10 hours-without a single crease or fade. 

At first, I thought the shade was too light for me, but it's really pretty to use for highlighting my eyes because the shimmer is noticeable, and I've used it alone as well as with black eyeliner and gotten compliments.  This works great for layering, too.

When considering using this for layering, I thought it might be similar to Urban Decay's Greed Primer, but not close... Greed is much yellower.  Sin, maybe?  Wrong again- Sin is much pinker. 

My cousin's wife swears by these because she has a talc sensitivity so cannot wear most powder shadows.

I love MUFE Aqua Creams, but they can be stiff and difficult to work with- these are soooo much easier, although the range of shades is much more limited- these only come in 3 other shades.  

Overall, if you are looking for a good cream shadow in a neutral tone or just to brighten your look, I would recommend giving these a try!


  1. That's amazing! I have never heard of cream eye-shadows that last so long.

  2. Oooh, this looks like it might be a good replacement for a LORAC color that I adore but used up recently. They only sell it in a 4 color palette for 50 bucks and I still have barely touched the other 4 colors so I dont want to have to rebuy it.

  3. do cream shadows also work on people who have oily lids?

    ive never owned one.

    anyways, it looks so nice.


  4. @Shang I know right??? Shocking!
    @Meredith Jessica Ohhhh is that the Little Black Palette?? lmk I have it too!
    @nails by kate vergara Honestly, I would say... rarely. Only the MUFE Aqua creams I could recommend for oilier lids- emollients are notorious for creasing!