Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bourjois Intense Eyeshadows 07, 05

Everybody knows about Google Reader, right?  Ok then.  :D

These are the first Bourjois eyeshadows I've tried.  I wanted one neutral but the green I really thought was beautiful.

I knew before purchasing that these are really supposed to be used wet, but I have read a lot of complaints about the lack of pigmentation.  It has to be dry though, because they don't look or do well dry, and the comparison swatches are obvious: 

I honestly didn't even attempt to use them dry cause I knew it wouldn't turn out well.  I really like these though, and even when I used them with dry shadows they blended well.  

This is 07, the initial application: 

And this was the final look: 

They're really nice eyeshadows!  

Saturday, June 29, 2013

UOUO Loose Blush #3

I have tried a few loose blushes in the past, but generally I prefer pressed.  Since I had to order this online, I thought I'd have better luck with a loose one.  Or, "Phantom Meteor", as it's called.

It comes with a puffy type applicator, which did make it easier for me to use: 

The shade is so pretty, it reminds me a lot of my favourite, Pan Tao, only this is a lot deeper.  It is very pigmented.  

The easiest way for me to use it was to dab on my cheeks using the puff top, then blend out with a highlighting brush.  It's just really pigmented so putting too much is really problematic, it's easy to go overboard and then end up having to remove it all and start over.  

This is a deliberately much too heavy application, but it shows the colour best:

Unfortunately, I found this type of product a little too inconvenient to work with.  It was so messy and then I had to blend it so precisely right, so this is why I prefer pressed blushes.  But as far as the colour and pigmentation goes, it really is outstanding, so I guess it just depends on your preference and skill level.  I didn't have any issues with it staying on, and it lasts the whole day too so that's a plus.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo #85 Light in Purple

I really like this shade!


Unfortunately, it's not purple at all or any sort of duochrome, but I'm not bothered by that.  I was also  worried it might be sheer, but it's not. It goes on really smooth, and it lasts as long as the others I've tried- but I cant really layer it without it getting patchy, so I'm glad its a pretty colour all by itself.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bath & Body Works Dazzlelicious Lip Gloss

Some of my favourite lip glosses and balms are actually from BBW.  They are incredibly flavoured and they have a huge range of them.

I got this one on sale, but I will probably finish it.  The last one I remember loving a lot was berry yoghurt ice cream or something like that, and I squeezed the last drop out of it lol.  This is called "Dazzle-licious" and the shade is Brilliant Berry.

It is mostly sheer and I can't really see the sparkles either, but I don't mind cause it tastes like Grape Bubble Yum, my absolute fave and it's smooth too, so I like it.  

Has anyone else tried BBW glosses?  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Naked Palette : Yay or Nay?

I'd absolutely love to hear everyone's honest thoughts and opinions about the Naked palettes.... I see Naked 2 in person, and I am almost compelled to buy it. Its not even expensive.  Then I remember having original Naked palettes (yes, with an s!) that I never even liked, but its like makeup blasphemy to say that lol!!  But now I realize the convenience of a versatile palette, especially one with everyday shades,that way I don't have to dig around or get out multiple products.  Plus I really do like UD eyeshadows, but I only have coloured ones.  Ohhh someone talk me out of it already lol!!!!

Really, only Foxy and Tease I don't like, and I love Chopper so much! I'm concerned about the size also, it might be a little too long for me to use it everyday.

Available Now : Bundle Monster Holiday Set

I already ordered mine !

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Urban Decay Glinda Palette Swatches

They also had the Theodora palette, and I thought I would really regret not getting both.  I don't like the  eyeliner or the lip pencil in this one, but the eyeshadow colours are so pretty I can overlook it.  My lip pencil actually broke completely off the first time I tried to use it, and it's not much of a colour at all.  The pencil is all right, and sorry I didn't swatch it cause I already gave it and the lip one away.  I didn't think I'd like Tornado either, but it's all right used with a light hand or just a touch of it.

Tornado, Aura (2 shades), Magic 

Illusion, Oz (2 shades), South 

Magic and South are probably my faves, and I don't love the chunky glitter in the gold part of Oz so much.  

Here is the Glida lip pencil: 

Overall, I think it was a great purchase, I also love that it's really compact and not like a big chubby ole shadow box, I don't even miss the pretty packagings.  

I Kinda Love This Bag

I really like this Coach bag, but couldn't decide if I loved it enough to buy....

But I know I love this one, especially since I just scooped it up on sale!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Maybelline One by One Mascara: Satin Black

I found that I definitely prefer bristle brush mascara wands, as opposed to these rubber/plastic ones, but I've used both with success.

I've tried the regular One by One, long ago I wasn't looking for this one, and honestly, I didn't know why it was different.  The person I asked at the store said "They are the same".  Now, this is not true and just attests to one of the many reasons I don't consider myself a "people person".... if you don't know, just freakin say you don't know.

Anyway, on to the mascara...

It is different because it's glossy!  It gives the lashes a very shiny coat, unlike any other mascara I remember trying.  Other than that, the formula was nice- not too thin or thick.  It did start to rub off in little flakes and that caused some irritation, but that was about 9 hours in, so not too bad.  I wouldn't say this is one of my faves, but I do like the separating effect and the shininess.  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hair Chalk Experiment

I know this trend is really old now, but I had these sitting around and never got around or really even wanted to try it.  I only had a few shades, so I chose the pink one.  I only wanted a couple of streaks so I could see how it would turn out.

This is the chalk:

This is how it turned out: 

I think I did it right, so I got a good amount of colour, but the bad part is how insanely dry and scratchy it makes my hair.  I think it's really cool, for Mardi Gras or St. Pat's or something, though!  

Starting Point for Makeup Limits?

I don't ever really go by "spending bans", but I do need to limit the quantities I buy, that's where my problems tend to occur. I really don't want to buy anything that I won't end up keeping for a while, but that's so hard. Starting in July I am going to limit myself to a certain quantity each month. First I thought ten is great, but then I figured I definitely buy more than one item every three days and whenever I go to a store I don't remember ever buying only one thing! But I am definitely going to try my best to stick to ten that reasonable??

Friday, June 21, 2013

My New Palette!

.....and not just any palette haha...I honestly never thought I'd see this! I had to go in the airport shop for my son, I just happened to see it:

Now my eyes are badly hurting me and I'm so, so much more tired than I thought I'd be, so I haven't used it but I will far the shades I tried are beautiful!

I hope to be up to speed with posting but in all honesty I probably won't be for some time, I hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Five Great Red Lipsticks

Although I rarely wear red lipstick, these are five that I really love.

L-R: Cle de Peau Extra Riche R2 (the best lipstick ever made!), Maybelline Are You Red-dy, L'Oreal Target Red (red tube), Target Red (silver tube), Ravishing Red.

Maybelline Color Tattoo: 24K Gold

I really love this gold, it reminds me of a Klimt painting or something, it's really beautiful.

I kinda went overboard with the layering, but this shade is awesome! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Waterslide Decals

These are all just so cute!  I've used waterslides in the past, but these are really so easy, I don't remember the ones I used to have being so easy.  I got everything from flowers, feathers, Christmas, Barbie, even Smurfs, and quite a few Asian designs which are my favourites.

These are really simple, you just need a few supplies. 

Here is the first one I did- I swear I don't know why I keep doing these the wrong way, but I finished the rest of the nails the other 'right' way!!  

I've already got my 'eyes' on some others, I'm just afraid they're way too large for me....

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dilemma: Sleek Palette

I'm quickly running out of space and time! I put this in the toss pile,then I got it back out.... It's brand new because I hate these colours on me! I think there are much better shades for me than greys and purple, I don't even buy those anymore. A fair skin, blue eyed blonde is probably not who they had in mind for this palette lol. I think I might use the lighter ones and possibly the blues. But I figure if I haven't used it until now, I probably never will.

UOUO Apple BB Cream

I got this one because it's called "BB Frost".  I didn't know what BB Frost was, but I was curious.  Unfortunately, I still don't know what BB Frost is.

I got this in shade 02, which matches my skin tone so well you can barely see the swatch: 

This one is definitely more beige than 01, which is like a bright peach.  It blends effortlessly, and I love the texture- not thin but not too thick either.  It is a little bit sticky after you first apply it, but it dries down smooth and not flat.  It isn't heavy or greasy, but I feel like it gives a little bit of moisture.  I've been using this for a couple of weeks and I just love it, it feels really great on my skin, and I really think it looks good too.  

I don't use products on my neck but this matches so well, I don't have to worry about looking off.  I like this one so much, but I am not sure why they call it "frost"- it doesn't look frosty, but it's not matte either.    

Although I like this a lot, it does have some drawbacks. First, I felt like I needed a touch up after about 4 hours, but for me that's not a big problem since it's almost as easy as applying moisturizer. Definitely easier than foundation. The coverage wasn't as complete as other creams I've tried; I did look better with a concealer around my eye area. This also wasn't a big deal for me either since concealer is a habit for me. It has a bit of a synthetic scent but I don't mind it.  I honestly feel like my skin has improved since I started using BB Creams, and I'll never go back to foundation.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nail Stencils Fail

I bought these nail stencils from Born Pretty Store just to try something new.

Unfortunately, they don't work for me. First, they are not reusable as I thought, so it's a lot of work for just one use. The simplest dot pattern did work for me, but dots are easy enough even for me without a stencil. I tried roses and bows, and they turned out so bad I gave up. For me I have a lot of options, with stamping or decals, that I just don't find these worth making any more effort with.

Did anybody else try these? Did they work for you?