Monday, July 30, 2012

Essence Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

I have only been to the essence section once or twice and have not been impressed, but they must have came out with some new stuff (almost half the display had "new!" stickers on it), so I picked up a few new nail polishes.

I have two faves so far- the nude glam called "toffee to go" and the "Vampire's Love" Gold Old Buffy.  That one is old so it must have been marked down- I got it for the same price as the other two and it's twice as big.  I thought the nude glam was some kind of foundation tester, it is so close to my skin, I know I will love it.

The big tube is the new "nail colour 3" and I first saw it HERE, I loved the green one so much.  I wish they had those shades, but they didn't.  It was the most expensive out of the four (like $4 LOL- I had no clue these products were so low priced!) but I am not too impressed with it so far, it's kind of boring and the glitter doesn't show up very well, but oh well.

The minty one is called "viva la green" and I already cracked the bottle (this is the second time this week I've dropped one, but the other one spilled all over my floor- thankfully I dont have carpet!) so I don't know if it can be used/salvaged or not.  

Here are swatches of all the colours: 

(This one does appear an olive green, depending on the lighting- it's really pretty!)

I also saw some new eyeshadow shades which look amazing in the pan, but for such a low price I have my doubts.  "Kermit says Hello" and "Hyped Up" look very cool, maybe the next time I'm over there I'll get them just to try them out.  Like I don't want to look for more polishes lol!! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interesting- Sigma Beauty Brow Design Kit

I have never purchased cosmetics from Sigma but this set looks really great.  Brow products are absolutely essential to me and having them all in one place would be such a saver.  I always use Inglot shadows for my brows but really, none of them quite match my natural hair colour.  The Sigma shades look like they might be a better match, and I think I would use everything in the box except for the tweezers- but I can put my own in the box!

The only downside is the cost- it is $69.  Plus shipping, it seems kinda high to me, so I am not sure about it.  Maybe I could try a DIY box with the products I already have, but considering this is a lot of products and all in one place, with no effort on my part, it's probably a good deal!  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Inglot Nail Enamel # 352

Inglot came out with new nail shades recently, and 352 was one of them.  I have to admit, I like it more in the bottle than on my nails.  It is a muted peach-beige and the formula is all right, a bit on the thick side.  I thought it would be more of a nude peach but it didn't turn out that way.  Mine started to chip after three days so I was happy to take it off.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes!

I am really sorry, I haven't had decent lighting or enough time to swatch the V2 Dark Matte palette yet, but the Glory I-Divine palette is finally up on Sleek's website and it's so beautiful!

Even though this is the "Dark" palette, not all of them are dark, but they all look nice!  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

L'Oreal Color Riche Naturals Lipstick 379 Sensual Rose

This lipstick is from L'Oreal's Natural collection, which categorizes lipsticks based on skin and hair colour.  Whether they mean natural or dyed is up for interpretation I suppose.

I am blonde but I chose this one (light brunette) simply because it appealed to me.  It is supposed to "enhance your natural beauty".  Hmmmm.... 

Here is the swatch: 

It is frosty, but I couldn't get a good photo of that in natural light.  It is also quite shiny.  The formula is really creamy and moisturizing, but I personally did not like it.  It is really slippery and it did settle into lip lines and it has a very heavy synthetic/perfumed scent I could barely tolerate.  

To make things worse, I paid around $22 for this lipstick!!!  I had no idea since I bought it a while back and I disliked it so I forgot about it, but that is really outrageous in my opinion.  MAC is about $25 but at least with them I (usually) know what I'm getting.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My New Hair Colour!

This is just temporary but I have red(ish) hair!  It's a break from blonde, I kinda like it!

In the sunlight it's much more subtle: 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inglot is Launching Blue Lipsticks!

On August 1st, Inglot is launching new metallic nail polishes and a lipstick collection called "Pacific Blue".

And the lipsticks: 

Me personally, I don't have any reason or excuse to sport blue lips so I'll admire rather than purchase!  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Lavender Pedicure Products

I spotted these in the Sally Hansen section and decided to try them.  They are all lavender/tee tree oil scent.

I have been using these daily for a couple of weeks now.  The first thing I noticed is that the polish and the lotion don't work dry at all (like the bottles say)- you have to either use them in the shower or use the foot soak first.  I really do like the foot soak, it is quite refreshing but it's also much more effective when you use all three at the same time.  The pumice polish is all right but I found I still needed to use the traditional stone to prep.  It took me until now to finally start getting results (softer feet) and I know I've used other products that I can see results in just one or two uses.

If your feet are already in pretty good condition and you just need some products for maintenance then these might be ok, but for more heavy duty needs I'd look elsewhere.  As for me, I've had so much trouble with my feet that I've scheduled for a Paraffin pedicure!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sephora has a MUFE Point Reward!

I've seen a lot of variety with their 500 point rewards, but this MUFE sample set looks really good!  I have over 1000  points but they are all just wasted since they only have that in the US.  They always had such great offers, they even have a cool lip balm birthday gift now!

Inglot Blush # 30

You can get this blush individually or as part of the Freedom system.  I got mine for the latter, to put in the "EBP" palette.  The shade is # 30.

The swatch: 

The shade is kind of a rusty-coral, which I have to admit, looks better on those with much warmer skin tones than me.  I really, really wanted to get the Summer Collection shades which I did not find yet!!!   I have since purchased another one, # 61- the hottest of hot pinks lol, but I haven't gotten around to even opening it yet.  

This is a highly pigmented blush that is easy to apply and blend.  It is not soft and despite the harder texture, I was unable to get an extended wear time- just about half a day.  I really have to blame this on the weather, I have been testing a lot of blushes lately and always end up with the same result, so it can't be every blush!!  I do plan on taking this palette on a trip so I have no choice but to just reapply if I need to.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

I know I've written this so many times by now, but I really do not like wearing foundation.  However, sometimes I find I need to.  I wanted this Maybelline foundation after reading about it on Makeup Geek.   
It comes out of the bottle nicely, not too thick or too runny: 

I was really impressed with this foundation!  I've worn it many times and used the Sigma F80, my Hakuhodo, and the Beauty Blender sponge, and every time it applied wonderfully.  I really love that it blends so well, it doesn't look or feel unnatural at all.  I liked that it felt light, but I still felt like it had good coverage.  It didn't dry my face out and it made it look much smoother and more radiant than nothing at all.  I always use a setting powder, either tinted or translucent, but I tried this without also and it performed well.  I didn't have a problem with slipping or changing colour on my face throughout the day. 

My shade is Natural Ivory- Light 3, but I also have a swatch of Light 3.5- Nude Beige, as a reference.  Although it is just the next number up, the shades are not even close. 
And here is me with the foundation on:

The only negative is that here it cost me $20, as opposed to half that in the U.S. but it's still a bargain considering others are $60.  

I really like this, remarkably it has transformed me into a foundation fan!  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tints

I recently purchased two of these just to try them out.  They are lip markers.  I got 210 "Everlasting Mauve" and 700 "Nothing But Nude".

They are dual sided, the other side is a small lip balm: 

The swatches: 

Here I am showing Everlasting Mauve, because in all honesty, the nude one just never showed up well on me.  This is just the pen, no balm: 

And this is with the balm: 

I hate to say this, but this is not an easy product to work with!  First, I felt like I had to keep scrubbing my lips with the darn pen just to get enough colour.  Then it only lasts a couple of hours, with or without the balm.  The balm to me is exactly like petroleum jelly, it is so plain.  It doesn't make the colour last longer or anything in my experience.  

One thing printed on the pen is true, the colour does not transfer at all once it's applied, and that is nice.  But to have to keep reapplying such a dry product is a bit annoying and not on my list of favourite things to do at the moment, so I think I will put these aside for now.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Future Hakuhodo Purchase...

I was thinking about getting Hakuhodo's new "Misty Set".

I didn't believe this was possible, but you actually save $40 by ordering the set!  The downside for me is none of these particular brushes were on my list for my next order.... uughh!!  I calculated that if I get all the brushes I do want, it costs me only $50 more..... and most likely saves me from ordering again, so that's what I've decided to do.  

Hakuhodo emailed me and the J Series (available at IMATS this year for those lucky enough to have attended) should be available for purchase soon.   

UPDATE:  AUGUST 22nd is the scheduled online release for the J Series, sorry!  

They also said a couple of things "might" have a price decrease (whaaat!) so I am holding off to order until I see what they have next! I already had 5 brushes in mind so I don't know what the damage will be after I see the new ones lol!  Omg white goat hair and duo fibre eye brushes, a beautiful looking highlighter brush, an extra large eyebrow brush, oh exciting indeed!! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inglot Swatches: 605, 607 Pearls

These are two of the newer Inglot eyeshadow shades.  They are so gorgeous!

I also really like how these come in a sealed package inside of a box.  I've purchased eyebrow shades also, so they come like that now.  The older ones came in a harder plastic.  For some reason I have at least 5 new refills laying around that are not in palettes and the plastic never stays closed, I have to rubber band it.  The sealed package makes it easier to stock up, and also it should make it easier for the store to accept a return as well.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

EOTD: Soft Purple

I've been trying to go through my stuff and get rid of what I don't use.  I came across this Dior Electric Lights palette which hasn't seen much use at all, but I really like the shades in it so it gets to stay!

This is an extreme close up of my eye but I am trying to figure out if this mascara is working for me: 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Palette Woes...

I was so sorry I never had a chance to get the Naked 2 palette.  Now I think I can get it, but at a 40% markup!  It's going for $70.  I have seen photos and swatches of their new Smoked palette and I think I like that one more!  So I really do not know if Naked 2 is "worth it" just to have it, do I need it, etc. so I am still undecided!

I am also recently intrigued by a UK brand called "MUA" (Makeup Academy) and they are mostly known for their eyeshadow palettes.  The swatches I have seen are impressive!  Check THESE  out!  They have a couple neutral palettes ("Heaven and Earth" and "Undressed") that look really good, and they are rock bottom prices too.  They have some nice looking gel eyeliners too but I haven't seen them on their site just yet.  I just worry because I'd have to order them and honestly, I think I'd probably receive them completely broken if at all.

Monday, July 9, 2012

LUSH Lemony Flutter

I discovered another lovely LUSH product, it is "Lemony Flutter" cuticle butter.  It is so creamy and smells amazing!  It has a little sweeter lemony smell than furniture polish, don't worry! 

When you first get it, it is a bit separated since it is mostly a blend of oils: 

Then after stirring it a little bit, it comes out smooth and creamy: 

I absolutely love this!  I've used it not only on cuticles, which will replace my standard liquid cuticle oil, but also elbows and heels, and it softens them right up, and it stays smooth for hours after applying.  You just need a tiny amount for your cuticles though, so even a little tub will last a while.  I would definitely recommend giving it a try!