Friday, June 24, 2011

Polishes of the Day

Sooo.... this is my makeup diary, so I really think I should keep a log of nail polishes I wear!!!

Calling it POTD made me laugh so hard, I just couldn't do it!

If you've seen the post of unused makeup, that comes nowhere near the amount of unused polishes I have.

I don't like matching my nails and toes, never have.  I change my nails much more often than my toes though. 

On my toes, I have Sally Hansen Blue Me Away.  I like it on my toes much better than on my nails. 

Nails- Bad Fairy.  Does it matter to me that it's out of season?  Not really!!!  For me it's perfect because the duochrome really comes out in the sunshine. 


  1. i thought i already posted a comment but..oh well lol.

    drool drool for tha mac polish. if you ever need help finding people to adopt your polishes...there's always me lol. teasin!

    i have to get rid of my clutter too. sad but true. lol

  2. I never match my toes to my nails ether! And I hear ya about the amount of unused polish I have! I'm almost up to like 200 bottles!! I had to start my own blog to chronicle my nail polish, cause it just seemed right, lol!!