Monday, May 27, 2013

Rimmel "Extra Wow" Lash Mascara

I know I am not doing any high end products for a while now, but I just havent been motivated by anything. I really like trying bb creams and mascaras and those are everywhere. Sometimes when I'm at a big store I see high end brands but if there's not something I already wanted to buy, I never even stop. Plus, I always have it in the back of my mind that I'm leaving, and there's nothing I don't already have that I want to take with me, although I've been tempted by a few Barry M and Bourjois polishes....

Enough with the rambling already! Here is the mascara:

I think this is the first mascara I've tried that says it's "lash building".  It says you can go for soft or dramatic looks by increasing the layers.  I think that's something that we all know and have tried, but at least this way they're covered if you think one layer is not enough.  Which it isn't, but more on that in a minute.

The brush- it's pretty much average.

Here is my before and after: 

That was two layers.  Here is my other eye, which is three.  

I've said before that any mascara makes a difference for me, as you can hardly see my natural lashes since they're so light.  I am not "wow'ed" by this one.  It does feel really light on, and I didn't have any flaking or smudging, but I really prefer a thicker look and feel, and this one feels more on the natural side.  One really nice thing I like about it is the brush is excellent for my lower and inner corner lashes, and I might continue to use it for that since most of the other mascara brushes I have are just too big.  Overall, it's not bad, and it didn't say it was volumizing, but this is not one of my faves.  

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  1. It looks good after a few layers, at least one should hope it wont clump up after more than one! The brush looks pretty good and it makes your eyelashes look longer for sure, but I do agree about the lack of volume. xx