Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garnier BB Cream for Combination Skin

Although I don't have oily skin, I wanted to try this to see how it fared especially around my T-zone, where I tend to have (albeit rare) minor issues. If you have dry skin and still want to try this, I'd suggest prepping with a light moisturizer first. It wasn't drying to me but I suspect it might be with daily use.

The texture is really runny.  Left is this, right is Missha: 

The runniness meant I had to apply it quicker, but it also made it very easy to blend out.  At first I thought it was going to be too dark (again!) but it blended to my skin tone, although I did have to blend more than other creams I've used (but less than any foundation!) 

Here is the before and after: 

I actually really like it, it gives a nice finish and it seems to really even out my skin tone. It isnt matte or flat, it just looks natural to me. I really like the coverage, all those reddish areas are reduced but it is so absorbent I can't even feel it on. It has a much better coverage than the original one I tried. I thought I would dislike the liquid-ness of it, but its actually good, I love how it blends like a foundation without the heaviness. This product is quite a pleasant surprise!

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