Thursday, May 9, 2013

Out With the Old....

I had a big issue with my blogger account so I've had to delete almost a hundred posts, thankfully they were a couple of years old!

And these old products I'm retiring:

Another Kat von D palette- I'm just really having a bad taste about this brand at the moment. Plus- blues, silver, and a crappy black, I think I can live without.  
Revlon Colorstay foundation- never liked it and I'm so over foundation right now.  
Urban Decay Primer Potions- loved 'em but I am tired of them and scouring the earth trying to find them and paying a jacked up price, so Essence and paint pots are ok with me.  
Dior lipstick, Nars powder and lip gloss- who knows how long those have been with me???  
Yellow concealer stick- don't really need it.  
Covergirl lipstick- I'm too slowly phasing those out.
Sonia Kashuk palette- I'm way beyond my glitter days lol....

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