Friday, May 3, 2013

New QA Series Plates

I bought these from Born Pretty Store and though I've ordered from them once or twice, it hasn't been plates.  The usual people I buy QA and other manufactured plates from had these, but I didn't know until I already ordered, so this is part one of the new QA plates I bought.  I didn't have any issue with delivery, they came quickly in fact.

QA55 is mostly roses:

I got QA56 because of the card suits image, but it has some other random things: 


I love this one!  Last year I was really struggling to find different snowflake patterns, so now I have them in one plate. I bought all the new QA plates up to 62 so I will make another post for those, but they are so nice. I've hardly had an issue with QA plates, but some of the images can look crudely made. Not these, they are all detailed and so clear.  Another thing I noticed is that all of these had film on the back as well, which I've kept on for the time being.  

My plate collection is spiraling out of control and I really don't know what to do about it since everybody everywhere keeps coming out with new plates, each seems better than the last.  I've got a lot more XL plates coming soon too (Cheeky and My Online Shop) but I ordered them a long time ago before it really dawned on me that I would have to pack all these sometime.  I have now two binders for octagon plates (totally full), two Bundle Monster binders (almost full), a makeshift folder for the 7 cm plates, and now a ring binder with some (whats the nice word for half assed??) homemade dividers for the XL plates that have holes.  I swear, I don't care what else they come out with (although there is a Pac-Man plate out there I am dying for, thankfully I don't know how to order it!) but I'll have to resist!

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