Monday, May 20, 2013

Farewell, Friend.... Clarisonic Troubles

Sadly my Clarisonic has stopped working completely!  About a week has passed since I've emailed both the US and UK customer service centers with absolutely no response.  I think it's the charger that's the problem, but no way to tell for sure.  I have something like the Mia coming because that's all I could find with international shipping, but it better get here fast.  I wish I knew what the problem with this one was but hopefully when I get back home I'll be able to do something about it, I seriously hope I don't end up having to toss it.

Has anyone tried the new "Mia 3"?  It seems so similar to this Plus model.  The supplier I'm using has the Mia 2, but honestly I read a lot of reviews before I purchased this one and the Mia sounds just fine, I never noticed the difference of the speeds and I've only rarely used the body brush.

Update: Tuesday morning, I got an email from Clarisonic UK, so fingers crossed they'll be able to help!

Final update: ultimately, their response was.... Sorry it happened, bye. I am really upset and will never purchase one again. It took me three emails to finally get through to an actual person, and then they won't honor your warranty if you are outside of the US. They offered no troubleshooting assistance at all besides repeatedly charging it, which does absolutely nothing. Needless to say if I would have known this in the beginning I would not have purchased it.


  1. How frustrating that it has stopped working and they wont get back to you! I'm sure it's not cheap but it sounds like it shouldn't be too hard to fix... not that I'm an electrician or anything haha xx

    1. My cousin is an electrical engineer so he took it into his work to see if he could figure it out... But also clarisonic UK did get back to me :)