Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Essence Stays No Matter What: Waterproof Eyepencil

I remember wanting to try this out when I first read about it on the Essence website.  It is a waxy pencil, sharpening type.

I know some people think "black is black", but I'm definitely not one of those people, whether it's makeup, clothes, bags, whatever.... but especially eye products.  So that's the first thing I noticed about this... it's a little off.  But it's really almost indiscernible... unless you're someone like me.

The bottom is Essence, the top is Rimmel Scandaleyes.

I found this pencil to be dry, stiff, and tuggy.  It was all right on my waterline, but I had to go over it several times, and it did "stay all day" but it was easy to rub it off after 7-8 hours. It was not very comfortable to use on my upper lash line.  I didn't leave it for 24 hours (!?!?!) and I definitely prefer the texture of Rimmel.  

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  1. Ahhh not for me :(. Thanks for sharing buddy!