Thursday, May 30, 2013

MAC Eyeshadows: Banafsaji, Farasha

I am so happy I got these!


I also swatched "Gameela" (the pink one) in the store but it didn't seem as pretty as I thought it would be, and like it would be too hard to work with, so I passed on it. 

I wish I had Maybelline's Fierce & Tangy to put under Farasha, I think it would be amazing that way!  Unfortunately it never came here. Anybody know of a comparable alternative?

It must have been a really slow day in the MAC store, I was the only one in there and the lady was really trying to sell me on a Chromographic pencil (Hi-Def, I believe).... and Banafsaji did look great over it, but I knew I had a turquoise pencil I hardly ever use.

I'm planning on doing a look with Banafsaji maybe tomorrow, but I've swatched it over turquoise- Prestige's Lively Turquoise and black- Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Timeless Black.  They both look great to me.

And this is the look I did with Farasha.... it really is prettier on than in the swatch.  I used it over Chilled on Ice paint pot and dug out my old Sleek Good Girl palette for the pinks.


  1. Ohh, Banafsaji reminds me of Contrast except maybe a little bit more black. Farasha is really pretty too, it makes your eyes stand out like crazy. xx

    1. Thanks! Man I was trying to think cause it was reminding me of something and you are right! This one is a tad purpler in a certain light ;)