Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For US Readers: Regarding Nail Polish??

At the risk of sounding idiotic, I was just wondering if the USPS restricts nail polish from being mailed internationally?  The UK Royal Mail does the last I checked, but other couriers are ok.  And I have received polish from China before.  The question for me is, there are a lot of US-based e-tailers that still offer international shipping options.  I ordered several months ago and received my orders, but then the next time I ordered, nothing.  And most US-based contests I see that involve nail polish as the prize are also not open internationally, but I didn't know if that was because of costs, or restrictions.  So if anybody knows definitively, I'd like to know as well.  Thanks!


  1. I've wondered the same regarding shipping nail polish and where it's ok! I still don't totally know so I can't really help out but I hope you get your answers!

  2. It's not legal to send flammable products (even within the US), but that doesn't mean you can't work around it. I sent some polishes to the Netherlands and had to fib on the customs form.