Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rimmel BB Cream in Light

I decided to try a couple of drugstore BB creams, I got this one in Light, which is the lightest one available.


On face: 

It's not a horrible product, but I don't really like it on myself.  It seems to run a bit on the orange side once on my face, I don't know why.  And the coverage is really very light, so it doesn't cover any spots or unevenness.  It also smells heavily of sunscreen, and not a very pleasant one. On the plus side, I didn't find it to be drying (nor moisturizing), or irritating.  I still think BB Creams are better for me than foundation, but I prefer the ones with thicker texture and a bit more coverage.  


  1. That's sad the BB Cream is not so awesome. I also don't like very sheer BB Creams.

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  2. You must have just about tried every BB cream on the market, hehe. This one doesn't sound very nice, though! xx

    1. Sure seems that way cause early on I tried even more that I never put on the blog : P