Monday, May 13, 2013

LOTD and a Photo Edit

Besides cropping, I don't edit my photos.  I don't have any program, I don't know how, and I think most of the time, people can totally tell when photos have been heavily edited.  But my new camera has this really cool feature where it edits photos when it's still in the camera.  I was having a hard time deciding between that model and another one with a front screen, but the guy told me the front screen had a lower resolution, and I thought the editing one was so cool anyway.  It's just for fun, not like I am trying to trick anyone lol!!!

It has things like slender face, reduce puffy eyes, cheek lift, eye enlarge (!!!), even change eye color, whiten teeth, add sparkle, and can add every type of makeup- lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush.... there is nothing it can't do haha!!!  I am going to play around with it (a lot!) but here is an example.  This is my LOTD using L'Oreal "Metallic Lilac" as the main lid shade.  The lipstick is actually different, and I just used the auto edit.

It's weird, right!! It elongated my face totally, and it looks too smooth.  So while it's really cool to play around with, I still think the natural photos look better.  But this camera still takes much better pics than my old one, so I'm quite happy with it.  

And here is a better idea of the Metallic Lilac color, it's pretty. 


  1. Love the metallic eye shadow, nice colour.

  2. Lovely post, Which camera is that honey?

    1. So sorry for the late reply, it's Olympus 8010

  3. Sounds like a cool camera, I can't believe it can edit it like that! Mine only has a beauty edit to smoothen the skin. I use a free program called Photofiltre to crop & assemble my pictures together, there are many things you can do on it that you can learn through youtube. xx