Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why Shopping Sucks

I love makeup, but after today I can safely say with 100% certainty, I hate shopping for it.  I always know for sure what I want to buy, I haven't went in any makeup place "just browsing" in years. 

I made it to Inglot and never been more offended/depressed/humiliated/appalled by a makeup store.  I can only remember one other incident that would even come close, and I solved that by restricting myself to online shopping, which of course, isn't an option for me now. 

I don't even blame the employee, in these tough times I am sure people just apply for any job.  But I can blame the employer.  When someone (a non-makeup wearing employee no less, not that it should matter, but it's still noticeable) swatches something for you in disgust, because "we don't have testers" then I feel as a consumer, it's time to walk away.  But when someone blatantly rolls their eyes when you ask a question, when someone expects your two year old to wait outside or tries to direct you to have them sit in a corner, then I feel as a mother, it's time to run cause that's a little inhumane.  No product is worth that!!!

I love my son and I love my dignity.  Inglot you really need to improve your screening processes!!


  1. I can't believe the way the've treat you!
    I really think you should send inglot an email!

  2. Oh that is rubbish- definitely not the best way to treat a potential customer!! I 2nd writing an email, that way the store will know they are bad and you usually get something out of it, haha.

  3. Well thanks guys! I couldnt let it go either, I will update in my next post ;)

  4. that is horrible! Sorry you had to experience that :(