Thursday, June 21, 2012

LUSH Volcano Foot Mask

I will be the first to admit, socks are my friends.  When I start going without socks a lot, my feet get rough and despite a regular foot care routine, I think I have genetics to blame that I don't have naturally baby soft feet. 

My heels were getting rough but I had some calloused skin that was starting to crack around my big toes that required some urgent action.  My pumice stone and "Soul Treatment" weren't sufficient. 

I read some reviews about this product and a lot of athletes were raving about it so I had hopes it would work for me. 

It is basically cement for your feet.  It looks and feels like cement, but it's cool!

Here are the ingredients:

Yes, that's right.... tomatoes and potatoes too! 

It's the cinnamon leaf oil you mostly smell in this, it's very strong but tolerable. 

What you do is slather this all over your feet, then wrap them in plastic.  I tried plastic cling wrap but it was a disaster so I just ended up using little trash bags, like a grocery bag size.  You keep them wrapped for 10 minutes, then remove the plastic and scrub any rough spots.  Then you rinse it off.  I rinsed it in the shower and it left some clay residue on my floor so I had to scrub that away. 

Oh while it was on.... it started to burn ever so slightly, but my feet were not red or irritated once I was finished.  They were incredibly smooth right away!!!  The point of the plastic is so the clay doesn't dry out but mine did dry a little in some spots anyway. 

This made my feet feel so refreshed, seriously, I had been on my feet a lot the first day I tried it and afterwards they felt so much better.  They were smooth to the touch too, it was great.  I've used it more since I got it (I think I will do this weekly as long as I need to) with the same great results.  

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  1. That sounds really fun to try!