Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Searching for Summer Neon...

I normally don't even like neons, but the China Glaze collection looks so cool! 

My fave of those is the green, "I'm With the Lifeguard".  Of course, none of these gems are available here so I set out to find *anything* neon, and this is all I could find: 

Well, it looked neon to me!  It is called "Acid Green".  It's basically like the "Shrek" polish though, and to make it worse, it isn't even for natural nails.  I put on four coats and still wasn't getting any opacity so I am like, what is going on here, this is the crappiest polish ever or what!!!  Then I went on the Nailstation website and saw that their neons are for artificial nails.  I wish the bottle said that!!! Nobody at the store knows anything so that doesn't help matters either.  Now I can only hope I can salvage it by trying a white base under, and I don't have white either!  I am getting tired of Sally Hansen they chip in a day or two ugggghhhh!!!  It didn't even bother me until I dug out something else and it lasted almost an entire week!  

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