Friday, June 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Strips

I've had a lot of people ask me about the Sally Hansen nail strips.  I've been using them for a long time-basically since they first came out.  There are tons of nail strips on the market, and these have pros and cons.  Some of the patterns do look too "sticker-ish" in my opinion, but they last on my nails a lot longer than cheapie nail stickers.  I am also a huge fan of waterslide decals, but these are a lot easier to apply.  I can't say they take me five minutes, but they're worth taking the time to do them right. 
This is one of my favourite sets, it's called "Glitz Blitz" and it's a gold glitter nail strip: 

This was about three days in with the nail strips.  I've found that I can't apply cuticle cream or oil daily when wearing these because it will wear down the adhesive.  You also don't apply any base or top coat with these, but they do cover any imperfections on the nail like ridges.  It's really hard to tell these are strips if you put them very close to your cuticle and each strip has two sides so you can select which one matches best. 
You can use these on short or long nails (or any combination, lol) and I've found the best ones by far are the glitters.  Some of the other patterns do peel off in a day or two, but the glitter ones have lasted me at least a week.  It's really too bad that they don't have more- I only have blue, pink, gold, and a silver multi.  I have seen they came out with a "Rock of Ages" collection which looks super cool!!

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