Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finally- a Makeup Haul!!

I am sooo excited to try all of these products!!!  They are all new for me so I am looking forward to it very much! 

First I got Art Deco, an eyeshadow/highlighter palette and an eyeshadow base.  To be honest, I have not used this brand since I was a teenager, so I really don't know what to expect from it.  I wasn't leaving the store empty handed though, and the package was a good deal.  There are two eyeshadows and a highlighter, which can be used either for eyes or elsewhere. 
I got three Maybelline tattoo eyeshadows- #40 Permanent Taupe, #55 Immortal Charcoal, and #60 Timeless Black.  I for sure have to check their US website because I know the names are different and I don't remember seeing a black on there.  The store had a few other colours, but not the pomegranate and orange ones I was wanting.  I've used the other two I got but honestly, they're a bit boring although I admit the formula is great.  I will be sure to post swatches of these three soon. 
Next I got a brand I never tried before, Bourjois.  It is a new type of nail polish, it says "Gel Texture" so that's something new to try out. 
The last thing is a yellow nail polish.  The brand is Nailstation and the colour is "Zest de Citron".  Ohh it is beautiful.  Somehow I lost the only other yellow nail polish I own so I was looking to replace it, but of course it was limited edition.  This brand looks really great, and I am actually drooling over a few browns on their website,  A lady ahead of me was buying 8 bottles of this brand so I asked her if it was good, but she hadn't tried it yet either.  For me, I'll stick to buying one bottle to try it out.   


  1. Great haul i just got myself some maybelline colour tattoos and Im excited!!

  2. Awesome haul! I know it feels great to have one after not having one for such a long time lol. Have fun with the goodies! Please let me know how the Bourjois nail polish works out for you :)