Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interested? Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick

The other day I was looking for something new to buy.  I came across a display of Dior's new "Addict Extreme" lipsticks.  They have 12 shades out. 

Based on the advertising pics, I think if I were to get one, I'd get "Plaza". 

Don't get me wrong, I like Dior lipsticks for the most part.  (Their glittery ones can pretty much go somewhere for all I care lol).  But I was just so un-impressed by these.  They were pretty, and felt smooth and rich, so I am not sure the reason but I wasn't inclined to purchase.  Usually I'll ask a mundane question about price or colour to feign interest, but I simply walked away.  I do like the cannage styled case of the Rouge lipsticks better, these are just plain black.   They do look moisturizing and smooth.  I always liked their Black Tie colour, it's like Clinique's "Black Honey" where it looks atrocious in the tube but a really pretty berry hue on the lips. 

I guess it's hard sometimes to justify a "splurge" when you don't even really want it, especially when you know that these are not the most prosperous of times.  

I did find something that really caught my eye though.... an artist created this Dior couture paper doll, a couple years ago so I'm a bit late coming across it but wow is it a beautiful creation! 

Then I saw these vintage ones...

Ohhh man I cannot wait for that movie!  


  1. I have heard alot of great things about these but I will try before I dive in and get one!

  2. Booo, so sad to hear you weren't a fan of these lipsticks. Usually Dior hits the nail on the head when it comes to colors but sometimes, weird things happen.

    However, paper dolls are amazing. I was completely obsessed with paper dolls when I was growing up and still collect them now. Must find these


  3. Love the Dior couture paper doll, thanks for sharing it with us.