Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mmmm... Honey!!

I looooove honey products.  Well, I love honey.  I like it in tea, on toast, I even like espresso with just honey.

Only recently I've seen a lot more honey products than in the past.  They're not as easy to find as, say, vanilla or strawberry.  Bath and Body Works has honey scents occasionally, and if I find those I stock up, but it's not very often and they aren't usually strong, and some of them are even gross (honey pretzel for example).  I always check to see if the products have actual honey in them, the ones I like the most have it as one of the top ingredients. 

One of my favourite body washes of all time is of course discontinued.  It's been years actually but I don't care cause it still works and didn't get separated or gross or anything.  I bought five tubes when I heard it was discontinued and I still have 2 1/3.  It is from Mark by Avon, called "Honey Royale Bath and Shower Dip". 

It is so creamy and such a perfect honey scent. 

I just got a new facial wash (not happy with the Clinique 3-step system again and I think I am abandoning that for good now), and it is almost exactly the same scent, very much honey.  Honey is the fourth ingredient.  It is by Nuxe and called Reve de Miel. 

I really love this product.  I also like the fact that Nuxe isn't marked up a thousand percent like other stuff around here.  They have a whole range of products in this honey line, but they didn't have them at the store I found this at (but they had a lot of their various "creme" products in the white containers).  I would love to get the rest of the honey ones though- shower cream, lip balm, face and foot creams, etc.

The texture is really nice, it's like a creamy gel.   

This has sunflower and coconut in it as well, and it is really mild and doesn't dry my face out.  It is an everyday cleanser, slightly lathery but not very much.  I found the Clinque to be completely un-lathery though.  It isn't meant to be for a deep clean but my face feels soft, smooth, and clean after using it.  For anyone who loves a light, creamy wash, and especially a honey one, I'd recommend it. 

There is another way I love honey- as a face mask!  I used to try use raw honey but that isn't easy to find so I just use regular honey.  Raw honey especially though is great for acne or any bacteria at all. 

There are two honey ones I make myself.  The first one is super easy and vegetarian, I've been doing this one since I was in my early teens. 

Just use a handful of oats and grind them up semi-fine, I use a food chopper and it works in seconds. 

Then mix about the same amount of water to make it a little pasty, not too runny, not too thick.  Then add two heaping spoons of honey.  That's it! 

The second one includes egg yolk.  I always use this one if my face feels oilier than usual. 

Get about two spoons of honey and mix with one spoon of olive oil.  Mix until creamy.

Then add one egg yolk.  Stir until smooth.  That's it! 

There are a ton of other ways you can make one- with yoghurt, bananas, etc. but these are so simple and nice.  Try one!!

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