Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vegetarian Face and Foot Packs

I think I've seen these on blogs before, but I never saw them in person.  I actually got these at a pharmacy, they had tons of them...

I should have read more clearly because I thought the foot one was lotion.  It isn't- it is a cream that turns into a thick powder, like a foot deodorant.  It doesn't come off though, my feet stayed cool until I showered.  It's super refreshing and it's also very strong, but it's blueberry mint, a really pleasant scent.  The problem was I could have used it three times but there's no way to "save" it. 

I love the face masks and I swear they're like addictive- I don't usually use but these smell soooooo good and they are so creamy!  The white chocolate one turned a little hard while it was on and it made my face kind of itchy right afterwards, but the vanilla fudge one didn't.  The fudge one was super warm and gooey too.  They have so many to choose from it would be hard to find one you don't like, in my opinion.  My face was really smooth and clean after these.  They aren't harsh like an exfoliant, but my pores still felt like something was working. 

I thought it was cool that they used so many natural ingredients. I took a close up of the white chocolate package:

I really loved these, and they are super inexpensive and a nice way to feel clean!

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