Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LOTD With L'Oreal Pebble Grey

I have to admit I really love this L'Oreal Infallible matte grey.  It reminds me of a Dior shade I had in a palette, it's so soft and smooth. 

Here is the swatch of it since I forgot to post that some time ago:

What the heck, there is NO sparkle in this!!  It must be from the sunlight.  Uggh!!

I've also since bought another one of these, it is another matte called "Sweet Strawberry":

For some reason both of these shades turned out a lot better for me than the turquoise one I got. 

So here is a look I did with Pebble Grey.  I just realised I haven't posted any looks for a long time.  I tried to use a purple eyeliner, also L'Oreal, that didn't really turn out.  It sucks when something swatches really great then doesn't work out that way.

Oh gosh, I really need to amp up those lashes don't I!!!  I always think it's neat when my blue eyes 
turn grey with grey eyeshadow....


  1. Really liking that gorgeous pinky colour... I'd even use it as a blush ��

  2. Beautiful colours with your eyes! I think you should try falsies girll or find a nice lengthening mascara :)