Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Artdeco Eyeshadows

Artdeco has "build your own" compacts, where all the eyeshadows and blushes have magnetic backs.  However, these eyeshadows came pre-packaged. 

The white shade is a highlighter.  The brown one was the most pigmented and I think it is pretty so I was happy with it.  However, the other two were not good at all.  Very very sheer and poor wear time on top of that.  Horrible. 

I also wonder why the compact itself has space, seemingly for a tiny brush.  The eyeshadows are so very small, only 0.8 grams, so it would make more sense to me to make them bigger to actually fit the entire compact.  Unfortunately I don't remember how much these cost but I still don't think it's a good value if it's a poor product both in quality and design. 

Next time I will definitely choose my own colours and hopefully that will work out better.  I did see a nice dark pink shade that looked promising.

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