Thursday, October 17, 2013

Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer: My Experience

So since I've bought so many new lipsticks, I notice that they all tend to feather after some time, especially on my lower lip. I wanted something to prevent that, and I haven't had much success with lip balm type primers, so I gave this a try.

I have been using it consistently since the beginning of the month, and it mattifies every single lipstick I've used it with. It doesn't intensify the color, it doesn't make it last longer, it just completely parches my lips. It does, however, eliminate the feathering. It did not work for me with any gloss or balm, not the twist up revlon thing either- it just totally pilled up, like what happens with smashbox face primers for some people, myself included.  As far as 'smoothing', it appears to do that too, because it creates a thin layer between lips and lipstick.  But every time I've worn this, I have to really scrub my lips because its such an unpleasant, uncomfortable feeling to feel so dry and chapped.   But just to clarify, it doesn't make my lips look cracked or peeled, it's just the feeling of it that bothers me.

I've used this for hours at a time, and if you can tolerate it, it's worth it to use for an event where you will be photographed a lot, or anytime you don't want to risk your lipstick wearing off. But I'm looking elsewhere for a lip primer that doesn't make my lips feel so bad.

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  1. Hmm that doesn't sound too comfortable! But like you said, it would be perfect for any event, especially for red lipstick! xx