Thursday, October 24, 2013

Essence Soft Touch Eyeshadows

I totally forgot I had these, and I'm sure they're discontinued by now, but Essence does have 'soft touch' eyeshadows in some of the limited editions, like the summer's 'sun kissed' collection.

I thought this product was really awesome, but different than what I expected.  It's almost the consistency of a gel eyeliner- really creamy but thick.  I can actually use this as an eyeliner.  The issue with it for me was layering- too much looks intense but it becomes uncomfortable to wear- very cakey and hard.  Before it dried, I couldn't use it with any other products or it would get clumpy and rub off. For these reasons, I was unable to use it as a base for any other shadows, which was disappointing, especially the white shade.   

My lighting must have been really, really different...I dont know what that's about!! 

I ended up putting on more eyeliner but I didnt like it with gel; I'd prefer it with a pencil liner just so the texture isn't so stiff.

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  1. It's annoying hat you cant layer this with other products, but they would be amazing on they're own at least! But yeah shame about the white, it would be good for bright colours! xx