Friday, October 18, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Eyeliner: Black Gold

I always find it interesting when the same brand has different products in about every country it's in. I was looking for a Maybelline gel liner in the color "black gold", but I ended up finding this. It says "made in Brazil" and I can't find it on any of the Maybelline sites, but I think it's Italian. Anyway, it's a pencil eyeliner, and its really a nice shade- it's like a blackened antique golden olive. At many angles, it looks mostly olive. It's a lot softer than the pencil liners I've used, and that's great for me, I have no problems using it on my upper lash line. It doesn't say anything about being waterproof, so it washes off easily, but it doesn't smudge off once it dries down a bit.

Did anybody else try this??