Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holiday Sets: Madness!

It's really hard not to get overwhelmed with all the holiday offers, but it seems they get earlier and earlier.  I still love holiday shopping, whether its makeup or not, but I tend to avoid all the bulky things (check out the bottom photo- nightmarish haha!), although it is hard to resist all the "free when you spend....." packages!

Sephora has a lot of nice and thankfully some are small, sets all year round.  I got the perfume sampler a couple years back and loved it, even though I thought they were minis and not samples, but they offer lots of classics with the coupon- I remember I got Juicy Couture something or other. Awesome they have a men's sets too.

The Tarte blush palette looks beautiful, and I like the brush set but I don't think I'd really buy it.

I always love the classics Chanel and Dior offer, but I'm definitely not a fan of mixed palettes, no matter how pretty the packaging.

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  1. I DEFINITELY want that Tarte palette! I spotted it in my Sephora email the other day and I said I need, I need!! LOL!