Monday, October 28, 2013

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder

I tried this at Sephora and thought it was really beautiful. A heavy swatch makes it look way too shiny, but it turned out really pretty for me when I used it with a stippling brush. No way I can apply it with a blush or any dense brush, it's just too heavy that way. Also, I have dry skin so I can't say what other skin types might experience with this.

I tried so many times to capture it well in a photo, but I don't think I ever got it just right. The photo below was my look from yesterday just couldn't get it together this morning haha!

I heard a lot of complaints about this being too sparkly or glittery, but mine isnt like that at all- not in the pan and not on my face, really.  It's more glowy like it says- and not too frosty. I always try to use both shades mixed; I think it turns out better on me that way.

It is supposed to be used in low light and I'd agree with that, with flash or in bright sunlight it really looks overdone like too metallic or something, like a really shiny pearl, and its a bit too reflective if that makes sense.  I didn't have any problems with wear time, but I've used it over other face stuff (primer, foundation or bb cream, etc.) so that might extend the wear time, I can't imagine it looking ok alone anyway though.

White, Pink, Blended 

I thought this photo was pretty good, at least I think you can tell where I highlighted, right? 


  1. Aww its lovely <3 You look adorable amalia!

  2. It looks gorgeous on you!! Your skin is looking very dewy & I love it. This looks like a gorgeous highlighter! xx