Saturday, October 5, 2013

Essence Sun Club Matt(e) Bronzer

This thing is huge! But really, I love this bronzer... Probably for all the wrong reasons. It's not incredibly pigmented or long lasting, but while I prefer those qualities in other products, it's not necessary in bronzers and blushes for me. But its not chalky, and it blends (almost too!) easily. I love the color, its more brown than orange thankfully. They also have one "for blondes", but it was really too light for me to consider it as a bronzer. It has a faint coconut scent, and its really hard to misplace. I'd repurchase!


  1. looks good in the swatch. here in India there is a dearth of bronzers let alone the matte variants. Thanks :)

    1. btw ul get this one at beauty centre in mumbai