Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shiseido 131 Face Brush

I heard good things about this brush, so I wanted to try it. I have not yet found "the ultimate" foundation brush, and I definitely could not get by with just one anyway. I have so many brushes I'd like to review, but I'm not an expert on brush properties, I just know which ones work for me and why I do or don't like them. I can name my favorite brushes in almost every category, but a foundation brush has actually been a real challenge for me so far.

I almost always order what I want when it comes to brushes and nail plates- you can keep them a lot longer than makeup, and I never experienced any shipping restrictions. I ordered this one from Japan, so it has a darker ferrule. I can't read what it says, but the English version is called "Perfect Foundation" brush.

I wanted to like this brush, but I just didn't.  It is a lot, lot smaller than I expected, so it takes a really long time to cover my face.  The brush head is totally flat, and although there are other brushes like this, I feel like a more rounded one suits me better. It also absorbs a bit of product, which is typical with synthetic brushes but since this one is so dense, it seems like I use a lot more product.  But as far as the results using this brush, I don't have any complaints. It doesn't leave streaks, but I use it in a circular motion. I like how it makes the foundation look smooth and even.

I never use those flat "slap on" old style foundation brushes, so it's hard for me to find a nice brush that is actually called for foundation. I have a few more ordered, so I'm not giving up yet.

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