Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bourjois Beauty'Full Mascara Review, Photos

I remember a couple years ago when my aunt was helping me pack, she asked me "Why so many mascaras??? Can't you just pick the one you like and stick with it??" At first the question itself was confusing... Then I thought, no... I don't think I could really! Even if I found one I really, really liked, I'm so used to testing out mascaras now that I'd still get different ones to compare.

This is one that I really, really like. It's probably the only mascara I've ever tried that comes close to "falsies look", even though it doesn't even claim that. In fact, what it does claim-flexible, soft lashes- is completely false. I got very stiff, but full and long, lashes. It felt like it was a really strong, thick coating. I especially liked that it lifted my lashes out more than up like other mascaras. It was also easy to remove, definite plus.

On another note, I'm not sure why a lot of my photos have a disgusting bumpy grey skin tone (its not real, I swear!) but I'm looking into my camera settings to fix that.


  1. ooh very nice!! I've come to the conclusion that no mascara will keep your eyelashes soft,haha. xx